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Local SEO Australia

Nearly every Australian business can use Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies to increase their local search visibility and drive more customers to their website and to their premises.

What is Local SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO is quite possibly the most effective and cost efficient way to market your local business online. It helps you to promote your products and services to your local customers – at the exact time they are looking for them.  Local SEO is a very targeted online marketing approach which allows you to position your business for local searches – rather than Australia wide / international searches. This makes it ideal for industries that service a particular area or region – anywhere from a single suburb up to a whole city.

Local SEO results are shown in Google in two main places. In the “Local Finder” page which is a map with the search results shown next to the map and also indicated on the map with markers. And if you do it right you also get to be shown on page one of google in the “snack pack”. This is quite different from traditional SEO and requires different optimisation techniques.

But Google isn’t the only game in town. Facebook also offers a highly effective form of Local marketing which allows you to communicate directly to customers (and their friends) via their facebook feed.

Use one or both and you will see greater engagement with local customers.

Why Local SEO Will Get You More Business

1. Local customers use to the internet to find local businesses — on desktops AND increasingly on mobile devices
Here are some statistics:

  • 96% of PC owners conduct local searches
  • 46% of all Google searches are local
  • 64% of local customers use search engines and directories as their main way to find local business
  • 50% of local mobile searchers look for business information (like a company’s address or phone number)
  • An astounding 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase!!
    (Sources: and

2. Local search marketing is highly targeted and timely
The top reason for local search is to find a specific business. And possibly find directions to it, or a phone number, or opening hours. This means many local searchers are looking for a specific business’ name. If it is you they are looking for and you don’t have your local profile set up, they might not find you…..

The second most common reason is to find a product or service.
Here they don’t have a specific business in mind just a product or service. Again local seo allows you to better position your business so they can see that you offer what they are looking for. There’s no better time to connect with a potential customer than when they really need you – when they are looking to buy.

3. Mobile Internet is Growing and will continue to do so…
More and more customers use mobile phones or tablets to find the best local businesses while they’re on the go. If you have ever googled for somewhere to eat using your phone, when you are out, then you can see the immediate importance Local SEO plays – both Google and Facebook have great solutions here. Local SEO tells the searcher that you are close by, and  that you are open and ready for their business.

4. Local SEO can be faster and more effective than traditional SEO
Traditional SEO – where you get your website listed on page one of Google – is still very important but not everyone has the budget for it. It’s an ongoing process and is unfortunately somewhat slow.
Local SEO has several advantages over this form of SEO.
Firstly you are only competing against other LOCAL providers. This evens out the playing field a great deal.
Secondly the layout of the typical search results page is such that it shows 3 or so adwords ads, then the local results “snack pack” then the 10 or so organic search results. The so-called snack pack is a box containing a map and two or three local providers listed below the map. This can get a LOT of traffic for those listed businesses, and they are usually listed before the website search results.

5. Local SEO has reviews!
Up to 88% of local consumers trust Online Business Reviews. This is perhaps the most powerful feature of a local business listing.
A local listing It allows people to leave reviews and comments on your products and services. Good reviews increase your company’s online reputation, trust and give higher click through rates…
(Of course you want to make sure your reviews are good by providing great service and asking trusted customers to leave a positive review about your business online.)

So if you are a local service provider or you service a distinct geographic area then you need to be doing local SEO to ensure your local viability is high. As mentioned above there are two main players in this field and they are both big. Google and Facebook. Which one of these is the better solution for you depends on your business and your goals… maybe you need both!

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