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$25 Discount Code for Video Production

Video production has become a crucial aspect of business. Before, it was relegated to entertainment and home movies, but now you can create engaging promotional material that gets people to your website and keeps them there. Local SEO has a team of video production experts that can help you with all your business needs. The best part is we are offering a $25 discount to new clients who sign up for a 12-month contract.

The Power of Video

We all love watching movies or short videos online. Online marketers realised there is power in video production and started incorporating it into their advertising campaigns to give clients the best results for their money. In fact, videos have become so popular, they have award shows for the best video adverts of the year. This form of media is so versatile. You can use video on your website to introduce a new product or give a history of your business. Then, you can share them on social media or start a YouTube channel to spread the word about who you are and what your business has to offer.

Creating exceptional video content is not easy. You can try learn the programmes by yourself, film all the footage, and then put it together. You could even learn how to create 3D video content, but this is very time consuming. If you want it to look professional and get potential clients interested, you must hire a professional video production team. Local SEO has experts in this field who will create quality content that gets people sharing and drives more traffic to your website. Let us help you transform your website or advertising campaigns.

Grab your $25 discount coupon now

Local SEO is giving away $25 discount coupon for video production to new clients who have made a 12-mo nth commitment to online marketing excellence. Contact one of our talented team members today. They will be happy to discuss the details of your business and develop the perfect video production and online marketing plan for you. Fill in the contact form using the promo code. The code is VIDEO0025. Contact us today.

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