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A Successful Social Media Profile By Adding A Little Local SEO

Social media is a great place to connect with people all across the globe. Your social media profile is probably the first thing that pops up when someone searches your name on Google. That being said, we all have to agree that social media profiles have become the first look at your life and achievements for a random person. Having a good profile gives you better exposure, reputation, and a better brand out of yourself.

These Are Pretty Basic But Important

Your Display Name:

This is the most basic part of any social media profile. You put your name so that people know it’s you.

However, on websites like Twitter, where you don’t have to use your real name mandatorily, hence using pseudonyms is a common and appealing practice.

Your Username And URL:

Many platforms won’t let you change your username, so you have to be careful while choosing. Your display name is different from your username and on most platforms, your username is in your profile URL. 

It’s best to just go with your name or your company’s name for that matter. And even more beneficial if you use the same username across all platforms, avoiding confusion. It cannot be @yourname on Instagram and something completely different on Twitter.

Your Profile Picture:

If it’s for a personal account, then of course you put a nice picture of yourself. However, when it’s a business account is can be a little more complicated. If you are the face of the company you can put your photo as the display picture.

Alternatively, you can always showcase your company’s name in your username and use your photo. If your brand is more recognizable you can use the logo. The best choice I’d opt for is one similar photo across all platforms.

Your Social Media Link:

The link to your profile should always be visible on your website, however, you can put your profile link on the front page of your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

To track which profiles are bringing the most traffic to your site, you need to create a social network-specific landing page. These pages can give your customers a special discount if they found you on Twitter for instance. It’s no secret that exclusivity pleases humankind.

Your Bio:

Your Bio should always be short, informative, or symbolic to the company. This is your first pitch to your customer base and audience. It has to be “what does my Bio say about my company or brand?” If you keep this in mind, the job gets much easier. 

However, some sites only give you a certain word limit, like Twitter and Instagram. Here you have to be witty and write the bio that resembles your company or your brand. If there’s no word limit you can mention your current projects or your achievements as well. 

You can add a link to your website if you feel the need to show more about the company/ brand at the end of your bio.

Your Social Media Profile Interests:

This is the part that is skipped most when someone goes through your profile. Most people are aware of this and many skip adding their interests especially if it’s a business profile. 

But this could be a mistake, instead, look at these fields as an additional place to get some great value and connections. You can do some research about the top persons in your field, find mutual interests and add them to your profile. This can turn out to be a game-changer when a business profile is being looked through. 

Profile Background Or Cover Photo:

Most social networks today have a cover photo feature where you add a background photo to your display picture. 

Many don’t look at this as something important and keep a default cover photo. This could be given a feeling of lack of presentation and a bland impression of the profile.

A cover photo can be used very wisely to give more information by keeping it simple. It gives some personality to your brand/personal profile. 

Your Privacy Settings:

Make sure the content you want the public/audience to see is made open in your privacy settings. Also, keep in mind that these settings differ on each platform. 

Your Social Media Activity

Once you are all set, your activity on social media is very important. You have to be consistent with your posts and updates, maintain a connection with the audience, and be interactive with them. You can ask them questions, reply to their comments, and more.

Social Media Promotion

You need to promote your social media profiles on one another. Many networks have dedicated sections to provide your other profile links and such small features should be used to your benefit. 

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