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Contact Us: (03) 9005 5882

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What website owner must know if they want to reduce their SEO costs

During these tough times of covid, I have re-evaluated the importance of small businesses. They are the backbone of this country. Being a small business owner myself and working for both corperate medium to small businesses in the past at various agencies.

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I have felt a soft spot for small businesses, especially when they are getting off the ground. There is a number of hacks I have found to minimize the red tape and extra expenses that traditional larger agenices charge on. At the end of the day we all want results in the shortest time possible. This is something small businesses don't always have the budget to be able to afford such as content marketing tactics of a larger business.

Having learnt a number of techniques while experimenting with larger budgets of corperate clients, I have tried 1000s of different approaches, where now I know the cheapest way from point A to point B. By putting me in the drivers seat, I’ll endeavour to find the best package for your needs. A proud father, working from home allows me to cut the overheads and provide a service for an affordable price, jump on the phone with me today and I’ll explain what package is best for you.

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Founder & Director

Andrew Kelly


I have been in the digital industry since 2004. I have specialized/worked in SEO since 2010.

Mercedes Benz, True Value Solar, Silver Top Taxis, Monash University and many more…

Many, i have lost count. I am generally working on at least 10-20 clients at any one time. Some clients have upto 100 keywords.