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Are You Ready To Start Travelling Again? Google Has You Covered With 3 New features For Travelers

If you are one of those people who are ready to start traveling again, this is for you. Google is busy adding three brand new features for travelers.

Search trends show a whole new interest in travel, and so Google decided to add new features that will help travelers plan their next trip.

Search reports show that in April 2021 the search for hotels reached a 10-year high. ‘Where can I travel’ and ‘travel restrictions by country’ also received a lot of search attention.

In search results, Google is helping to answer those questions by adding three new features keeping travelers up to date with travel advisories.

Ready To Go Back On The Road? Google has added three new features for travelers to its service.

About The New Travel Related Features Google Is Offering

To help people stay informed, these updates to Google search keeps people in the loop about the local travel guide and help them explore places they would potentially want to visit.

The Latest Guidance On Travelling

When searchers are online, looking for travel information such as flights, hotels, or entertainment Google now shows them if there are any COVID-19 restrictions or travel advisories for their specified location.

Google is also adding whether or not you need to be quarantined upon arrival, present vaccination records, or test results. It also tells shows you if there are any travel restrictions or not.

Searchers can also receive email updates for their desired destination, tracking travel advisories and restrictions. You will find that there’s a ‘Receive an email if this guidance changes’ option while viewing the advisory.

When selecting this option, the user will receive email notifications when restrictions and updates are added or lifted at their potential destination site. These are all country-specific updates and state-specific information is available in the United States.

Seek Out New Places to Visit

Explore Destination Ideas

Explore is updated by Google, and now helps people find their next travel destination. Users using Google flights might be familiar with Explore’s map which shows different flights and their prices to different destinations.

Flexibility is well required on when and where you want to travel. has been redesigned to help users search more than flights, it now also has an Explore tab making it much easier for travelers to ‘Explore’.

More destinations will be seen on the map, like smaller cities and also national parks. If the user has a particular trip in mind, they can filter destinations according to their interests and activities.

More destinations will be seen on the map, like smaller cities and also national parks. If the user has a particular trip in mind, they can filter destinations according to their interests and activities.

Method of travel can be used to narrow down destinations and recommendations. If for example users only want to see cities with an airport or bus station, they can select ‘Flights only’ or ‘Bus only’ in Travel mode.

After your destination is selected, Google will notify whether there are restrictions or travel advisory. Users will also see other helpful information like when is the best time to visit, hotels, and activities.

Plan Your Road Trip Without Hassle

Many people love a good road trip, but not the hassle that goes into planning it. To make it easier, Google maps can now help users in deciding where to make a stop along the way.

Enter the starting point and destination on your desktop and it will give you suggestions at the top of the map for places to stop, such as hotels, camp stops, or resting spots. You can also select a specific location and save it as a stop on your trip.

You can send the directions to a user’s phone once the journey has been planned via text, email, or even the Google maps app!

The journey/trip can be updated from a user’s phone, should there be changes. You will also find new stops and suggestions if you ‘swipe’ up on the app, previously scheduled stop points can be removed/changed from there as well.

All of these features are available now.