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Besides Your Local SEO Marketing, Website Credibility Also Get Influenced By Certain Factors

There’s one thing that adds value to your website, and in return gets you more traffic. Credibility. The more credible your website is the higher your trust among your users will be. This shows customers that you’re trustworthy and ‘legit’.

Without credibility, it’s almost impossible to generate leads, make more sales, or attract more visitors. With visitors immediately being skeptical, a great many companies struggle with website credibility. 

You’re unsafe if you’re unknown, unfortunately.

This means that before visitors will start feeling comfortable enough to give your business a chance, they need to have some persuasion first. When visiting your website, a visitor automatically looks for a reason to leave. 

The fact is that visitors tend to only stay 15 seconds or less before leaving. Their attention is held longer b websites with an effective value proposition. After researching, scientists found that visitor-on-time is following a Weibull distribution.

This is a metric that helps with analyzing and predicting time-to-failure components. For instance, if you’ve placed a spare part on something, a Weibull analysis will predict when it needs to be replaced again. 

It’s a big help when you replace ‘component failure’ with the words ‘people leaving the site’.

The Two Kinds Of Weibull Distributions

There are two kinds of Weibull distributions, and they are:

  • Positive aging, which means a component is more likely to fail the longer it’s being used
  • Negative Aging, which means a component is less likely to fail the longer/more it’s being used


It was found that 99% of websites/pages have a negative aging effect. Visitors are skeptical when they reach your landing page, and specifically, start looking for a reason to leave. Your visitors will stay longer if you get them past the 30 seconds mark.

This is so that they feel your website provides more value to them, and the thing that makes them feel this way is credibility. The essential part of an effective value proposition is just that. Credibility.

Users are constantly looking for signs of trustworthiness, reliability, and knowledge. 

How Can Credibility Be Improved On Your Website?

Credibility is the foundation of your website’s success, therefore there are a few factors that can help in improving it, namely the four kinds of credibility:

  • Presumed Credibility
  • Reputed Credibility
  • Surface Credibility
  • Earned Credibility

Distinguishing different types of credibility is helpful, however, these extinctions won’t be found in psychology literature. Stacking the deck in your favor is what these types of credibility factors are for.  

Keep Your Blog Up To Date

Keeping your blog up to date by regularly posting is a way to show your visitors that your site is being maintained and that it’s active. They will check back regularly to see the new and fresh content that could potentially solve their problems.

One reason customers tend to visit your website is to find information on a query they have. A query that led them to your page in the first place.

Have Useful Expertise Ready

Users check in to your website looking for expert and quality content that potentially answers questions. They want a fresh, expert, and detailed content, even if they just find it entertaining to read your blog!

Keep Advertising To A Minimum

People don’t like ads, period. It’s annoying, constant, interrupting, and everywhere! Keep ads on your website to a minimum, so that your visitor can scroll through your content and find something that’s worth their reading time. 

More About Local SEO Marketing

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