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Best Data Analysis Software And Affordable SEO For Small Business

Critical insights about raw information can be extremely beneficial for a business. A data analysis software does this job very quickly and efficiently.

With a clear picture of the various metrics in your business analyzed for you, you can turn around your business entirely. But for this, you need good software that you can rely on. Here’s a list that will surely help you choose the best software for your insights. 

Zoho Analytics (Designing Drag-and-Drop Reports and Dashboards)

This is one of the most popular tools among businesses like Suzuki, IKEA, PETA, and HP.

It converts data into intuitive visualization, supplying you with actionable insights to facilitate better decision-making.

It can identify market trends, uncover insights, determine outliers, and monitor crucial business metrics for you. There is a free plan limited to 2 users, its basic subscription plan starts at $24 per month.

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (Building Automated ML Models)

Power BI is one of the smartest data analysis software out there, developed by Microsoft. It can integrate with Azure Machine Learning—plus, its ML and AI features are driven by Azure functions built into the Azure Cloud

From real-time analytics data streaming to offering insights at scale, this software will do it all for you. Top companies like Nestle, Worldsmart, Ecolab, and GE Healthcare trust Power BI with its accurate analysis and insightful reporting to make the best decisions for their company. Its subscription starts from $9.99 per month. 

Tableau (Data Visualization)

Tableau is one of the best when it comes to data visualization and analytics. Tableau can handle tons of data with ease thanks to its smart features that work at lightning-fast speed and offers custom visualization reports for exploration and analysis.

You can create charts, maps, graphs, dashboards, applications, and reports and then share them across mobile and desktop platforms or within a browser.

Top companies like Audi, LinkedIn, Barclays, and Skype use Tableau for their data analysis. Its subscription plan starts from $12 per month, check each subscription plan offered as every plan is differently made for different user roles. 

Sprinkle (For Teams With Less Technical Knowledge)

Sprinkle doesn’t need any coding, making it perfect for teams with limited technical knowledge. Automation of processes right from collecting data from the different data sources, moving it to a preferred data warehouse to build reliable reports, and finally presenting it in an easily digestible format has made the job much easier.

It is used by companies like Swiggy, Yulu, Bright, and LeadSquared. The pricing information is not available on their website for their subscription plan, although you can try their fully-featured 14-day plan.

Apache Spark (Scaling businesses)

If you want big data analysis on a budget then Apache Spark is the best option for you. It offers excellent speed and scalability, making it one of the fastest-growing large-scale data processing engines.

It’s the best for streaming data as the platform uses powerful and high-performance machine learning algorithms, such as GraphX, SparkStreaming, SparkSQL, and MLlib. The platform is completely free and is used by top companies like Netflix, Visa, Uber, Slack, and Yahoo.

What should you look for when you’re looking for data analysis software?

  • User Skill Set of your employees
  • Scalability (keep in mind your budget as switching from a platform is not recommended)
  • Tool Implementation Timeframe
  • Reporting Tool Availability
  • System Integration/support (check your type of files whether they are supported on the software you’re going to choose) 

Data analysis software doesn’t come for a cheap price, so it is advised to be well informed about your needs, budget, and your future needs. The simple and obvious criteria to choose is cheap, easy-to-use, and intuitive software which makes your employee’s job much easier and convenient. 

Data analysis and raw data are two sides of the same coin. There is no point in having data if it’s not properly analyzed for the company’s growth. Data is an asset in today’s digital world and you should start integrating your data insights into your business.

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