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Best Online Fax Services To Use With Your Small Business SEO

Faxing may seem like technology that’s outdated, however, many organizations still use it and do business via fax. There’s no need to invest in a fax machine or fax modem, however. With the evolution in tech, free online fax services allow you to send faxes from your computer and receive them directly in your email.

There’s no need to buy or maintain equipment. And since this fax service runs solely through the internet, you don’t have to pay for a traditional phone line. You can go paperless and stop buying toner cartridges. This way you can help the environment and save money while doing it. 

Nextiva vFax

Nextiva has the best monthly rates with no annual commitment, and you get up to 500 pages in a month And they give you a reduced monthly installment when you pay for a year upfront. 

Nextiva even works on a custom quote if you need your faxes to be HIPAA compliant and you need more pages than they offer you. 


Ooma Office gives secure unlimited monthly faxing to companies that have a high faxing need or a constant one with an improved phone system. But, what makes this faxing tool better than the other VoIP providers which also include unlimited faxing? Its ability to give you an excellent monthly rate!

Ooma Office offers a basic plan and even if you pay month-to-month it has a 10 MB file limit for each fax and it can only send and receive in black-and-white. Color files in either direction will be converted to pure black-and-white automatically. 

RingCentral Fax

Faxing in large volume is made affordable and easy to manage by RingCentral, with no regard to how many pages you send. This is where RingCentral differentiates from other good online faxing services. 

None of them includes anything like this, so if you’re looking for more communication tech and not just online faxing, RingCentral is the best option. It makes it easy to add new users and phone numbers as well as keep track of everything. You’re able to handle faxing that’s HIPAA-compliant with RingCentral, but you have to get in contact with your account manager in order to set it up. 


mFax is designed for hybrid companies and has built a network specifically for faxing so that you get better quality and reliability. Everything is through the internet so you can stop paying for an expensive phone line. 

mFax and mDrive are both parts of the Documo Suite, which also includes mSign, which is a cost-effective eSignature solution. Whether you just need to fax or need signatures as well., the entire suite is simple and easy to navigate. 

It doesn’t matter how many machines or offices you have, mFax gives you all the technology to keep your faxing secure and also affordable. 


HelloSign comes with appealing features that make it worth it for companies that can’t depend on in-person interactions in order to keep the ball rolling. HelloSign makes the problem go away, no frustration necessary.

 You’re also able to fax directly from your email and fax multiple recipients at the same time. It’s not the cheapest plan you’ll get, but it goes deep. HelloSign supports a wide range of file and image types, which is great, and you also have more control over your documents, in terms of editing and signing them.

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