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Checklist To The Perfect SEO Location Page

The checklist of a Local SEO page covers the possible questions your customers may have when they learn about your local business. When your new clients walk into your office and give you a task to help their business rank in position number one in the map pack.

The client wants you to target ‘near me’ searches. You as SEO have an idea to implement keywords and the client wants the keyword ‘near me’ implemented on every third line of a page, which is of course ridiculous!

This client has a very popular belief that with keyword stuffing, ranking in the keyword map for keywords around ‘near me’. There are many factors for ranking in the map pack, but the most important factor is having an extraordinary location landing page.

What Makes A Location Page Extraordinary?

All SEO experts preach to their clients about the meaning of great SEO implementation as satisfying search intent. We even tell our stakeholders this. It would be really great to take that same logic and put it into optimizing our location pages.

The location page covers questions that your guest visiting your website might have.


NAP is short for Name, Address, and of course, Phone number. The NAP on your location page must be an exact match on your location page, Google My Business, and all other pages where your business information is listed.

Many claims that an exact copy match isn’t that important, however, others claim that it’s just as important as it once was. Don’t risk it, be like those who say it’s very important and make everything an exact match.


Photos are important for your location page, however, many businesses miss opportunities that are very important with their photos.

Photos On Your Interior

It’s surprising to see how many pages don’t have interior photos. They help guests get an idea that’s realistic as well as an expectation of what to expect from you as a business. Photos in your interior can be a factor that leads the guest towards a decision. 

Exterior Photos

For location page optimization exterior photos are also super important. The photos on your exterior should include:

  • Logos and signage
  • If applicable parking
  • If it’s located inside a mall or close to one, nearby businesses

Photos on the exterior are there to help customers find your business when first arriving, this can also be a factor for decision making if you’re a new business.

Meta Data Optimization

Your photos should always be of high quality, however, photos taken with a modern camera tend to have file sizes that are very large. This has to do with metadata inside the photos that can be excessive. The data that the photos may contain that’s excessive can be something like the type of camera that was used to take the photo, etc.

That metadata can be removed with a software called ImageOptim. This software is able to remove excessive metadata without harming the original photo or its quality. 

Other software like ImageExifEditor, is able to add metadata to photos such as GPS coordinates, title, or description. 

When it comes to your website it might be a little over the top, but for your Google My Business profile, it can be a benefit for your rankings.

Business Location Description

Business Location Description
Many businesses fail when it comes to the description of their location. Some locations simply replace the name of the location and put the same description on all their location pages.

Keep in mind that every location page should be unique and that it’s not wise to only replace the location name and use the same description over and over again.

A few ways to make your descriptions unique may include:

  • The services that you offer: Are there any services you offer in one location that’s different from another one?
  • Brands and products: If you run a store, what products do you offer that may be needed by customers nearby?
  • Selling proposition that’s unique: When being compared to your competitors in the same area, what makes your business different/stand out?
  • Menu: If you’re a restaurant, a menu is a must-have!