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Does It Still Confuse Google When You Use Sarcasm & What Can Be Done To Improve?

Sometimes articles and content shouldn’t contain any sarcasm, but there’s a reason for that. In some places, sarcasm is not at all appropriate when used in articles or in a certain context.

Explaining Sarcasm

When expressing contempt or mockery by using irony, it’s actually meant to show something negative in the object of sarcasm. It can be called very close to satire, which is the use of words in a lighthearted manner, but without the negativity of sarcasm.

Satire Not Included In Google Discover

When looking at satire and sarcasm, they are two different things entirely, but the effect they might have on Google are very similar. Because they don’t make a direct statement and both have the extra text and alternative meanings.

This year 2021, Google updated the guidelines of Google Discover and excluded satire completely. The reason for this is simple, Google explained that it may confuse readers.

There’s A Reason Behind The Question

Is Google semantically confused by sarcasm? Did Google improve on the topic in 2021 or is it still best to avoid it?

It’s said that Google doesn’t understand sarcasm and in some places, it should be avoided. Readers also may misunderstand or not understand at all when there’s sarcasm on a page. If it’s critical for you to get the right message on Google, or to users, it’s safer to make your message as clear as possible.

For instance, when you’re referring to medical information, it’s much better to avoid sarcasm and stick to a clear message.  It could be less of an issue if you’re writing about entertainment or something that users expect a little sarcasm.

With critical information, it’s important to make it as easy to understand as possible.

What Could Potentially Confuse Google Is Straying Off-Topic

Being sarcastic can be considered as being off-topic but in order to make a comparison between something and something completely different needs some hard thinking. 

For example, an article about animals can be somewhat confusing for Google when the article suddenly veers off to a paragraph about a golden oldie Dracula movie. There’s a lot of value in staying on topic, making it easy for Google to understand.

When content is easy to understand, it improves SEO. In fact, easily understandable content is the heart of SEO.

Ever Changing Internet

Google is constantly changing and evolving, and so is the way it understands web pages. The algorithm that Google uses also change and therefore so does your rankings. So not only should your message and your topic be clear, but also the content you use.

People make the mistake of thinking that Google is targeting a specific kind of site/page, this couldn’t be less true. Because of the changes to the algorithm, it constantly searches for sites that improve user experience.

If users don’t understand your content or its message, it can impact their user experience. Your website/page isn’t specifically doing something wrong, nor is Google searching for mistakes, clear message content and user experience are essential.

People Change All the Time

People change and so do their interests and searches so it’s important to always be on top of user trends. When your product/service becomes less popular a kind of decline happens, which lowers your rankings, traffic, and obviously customers.

If something is performing well now, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will do so in the future, as user expectations tend to change as time goes by. 

Another quality of a successful website/page is the fact that they should keep updating and moving with the times. Technically improve your site, do user research, content research, and experience improvements. Establish a close relationship with visitors on your site, because simply pumping out content isn’t enough.

It’s very important to keep an eye on your audience and what it is that they’re doing. Find out what’s trending and do research on it.

When you do what can be done to create new opportunities can potentially help avoid the slowing down of your traffic.