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During An SEO Audit, Never Miss These Content Factors

In your SEO success, the content you have on your website plays a very big role and because of that, there are certain content factors you shouldn’t be missing during your SEO audit. 

It’s somewhat of a challenge to create content that has both unique insights and provides value for your website. Furthermore, there’s no single method for creating content that can adapt to all audiences and industries.

In this field, you’ll be required to adapt and learn new techniques suitable for your audiences, your industry, and your profession. 

Many SEO professionals and experts face this conundrum: What’s the best way to create valuable content for my industry and audience? 

When you have little experience, how can you identify content that’s valuable in strange industries?

Unique Insights And Value Is Provided Through Content

Only by doing a thorough competitor analysis will you be able to identify content that provides both uniqueness and value. Other methods can also be used to do this such as Python, however, it’s suggested to manually do this check.

How Do I Check?

Perform a check on the first 10 organic competitors you can find by typing your keyword into Google. This type of content can be identified by performing a quick check with Screaming Frog, assuming that it’s not blocked, of course.

After pulling your competitors from Google, put them on a list in Excel and perform a Screaming Frog crawl on each of their websites, exporting the CSVs. You will need to judge this on a competitor and case-by-case basis.

Your Site’s Architecture

To help Google better crawl and organize your page, the website architecture is very important. This is the way your site is organized. However, there are many different thought waves on this topic, for instance, many SEO professionals believe in having a flat site architecture, which means there’s more than one click before you get to the internal pages from the home page.

It’s been seen by some SEO professionals that a siloed architecture enhances Google’s understanding of how your website is organized by enhancing topical focus.

Identify Pages That Are Under-Optimized

What happens when pages are under-optimized is that you might get stuck with pages that cannot rank highly in the SERPs due to not being strong enough, or only reach third-page rankings, which is worse.

These pages are already targeting keywords being targetted for on-site optimization, typically these are candidates for keyword cannibalization.

What You Should Check

You should be checking for pages that have something missing, things like the following:

  • Pages that are missing headers (H1, H2, H3)
  • Pages without optimized meta tags
  • Pages that have no text structure
  • Pages without image height and width, title text, or alt text
  • Pages with file size 100kb or above
  • Pages with file size 100kb or above
  • Pages that have no obvious keyword target, that looks like it’s not optimized

You know you have serious optimization issues when you have a page with only a few of the above bullets. 

Make Sure That Your Page Is Shareable

Whether it’s your website or your client’s, always make sure that the content is shareable with social plugins or another function that makes this possible. If the site has traffic already, by doing this check you could be making a huge difference.


What You Should Check

Check the site pages for any share buttons that are functional for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Rampant Interstitials

There’s a penalty for this, but only for the rampant interstitials that happen after clicking the website directly from the Google search results. This is when content cannot easily be accessed by the user once on the webpage, these pages might not rank as highly as hoped.

According to Google’s explanation, the following interstitials will be a problem:

  • When the website shows a popup that covers the main content on the page   immediately after reaching the page or while scrolling through
  • When a standalone interstitial is displayed and before the user can go further it must be dismissed first

What You Should Check

Make sure of any ads that meet the criteria mentioned above. This should be a check you do visually and also remove any interstitial which can potentially cause a problem.