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Eco-Friendly Search Filters For Google

In order to help people in making decisions that are more environmentally cautious when traveling, Google is bringing out new search filters. These new filters in Google search can help users in finding the perfect eco-friendly options when they want to buy appliances or plan a trip.

It was announced that Google is working on a few ‘green’ initiatives, including search and map improvements among others. 

Low Carbon Emission Flights

Carbon emissions information will be displayed in search results after an update to Google flights. Nearly every flight will be displaying a carbon emissions estimate on Google, and this is starting as we speak.

This information will be displayed next to the flight duration and prices in the SERPs. Travelers can now include carbon emissions in their process of making a decision, as a factor besides time and prices.

Google will be displaying this information for every seat on every flight, in order to allow users to find lower-carbon options if they should prefer so. 

When searching for hotels, travelers can now see sustainability options such as measures of water conservation, waste reduction, and also if they’re EarthCheck certified or Green Key.

Environmentally Friendly Appliances

A Google shopping update will help users in finding the most environmentally friendly appliance options when shopping. If they’re searching for energy-intensive products such as water heaters, dishwashers, and furnaces, searches will return a suggestion in the Shopping tab with sustainable options.

Routing That’s Eco-Friendly

When users are searching for a certain location on the map, Google will now highlight the route that would save the traveler more fuel during his/her travel. In other words, it will be showing travelers the most fuel-efficient route to travel.

This feature is rolling out now in the U.S and in Europe next year in 2022 and further. It will be accessible on Android and iOS devices. It’s estimated that with the potential of eco-friendly routing, over a million tons of carbon emissions, can be prevented per year. The equivalent is the same as removing an estimated amount of 200 000 cars from the road.

Google maps will keep searching for the most fuel-efficient and fastest routes, and if it should be different from the route already presented on the map, it will then give two options for the user to choose from. 

Wheelchair Accessible Places On Google Maps

There’s also a completely new feature in Google maps that highlights locations that are wheelchair accessible by choosing the ‘Accessible Places’ option. When this feature is switched on, the user can quickly and easily identify a location with a wheelchair icon.

The feature is added but in order to access places, it must be turned on manually. Or at least for now. It will also be indicated on Google maps if the location is only partly accessible or has an entrance for wheelchairs, parking, and restrooms.

Google stated in an announcement that it’s frustrating to reach a location just to find out that it’s not accessible in the end.

There will also be more updates made to Google maps, improving navigation and bike travel routes. These updates will include:

Cyclists Lite Navigation Coming Soon

According to Google, the use of biking/cycling has increased tremendously and is now on a percentage of 98% in cities all over the world. In order to make bike travel easier, Google is now going to introduce an alternative to your regular navigation. This alternative is called ‘Lite’ navigation. 

This mode will make it easier for bikers to travel as well as making it possible for them to see details about their route that’s important without constantly having to look at their screen. Cyclists are able to see the progress of their trip, elevation, and real-time ETA.

In the coming months, Lite navigation will start rolling out on Android and iOS.

EV Search Updates Coming Soon

In order to see electric and hybrid vehicle options, Google is now making it much easier as you can compare them directly in the search results against models that are gas-powered. These features will be rolling out this year in the U.S and there’s much more to come in the year 2022.