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Is Getting Expensive SEO the Easiest Method to Local traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your Local business.




Having an Elite Social Media Marketing Team A Must

Money makes the world go around and if you are running a business and not making as much money as you want, your social network marketing team needs work. If you can afford it, a social media marketing company is your best route because you’ll find all the dynamics under one roof. Experts in every field through a trusted or proven name. Which means less headaches for you and probably a little money saved not having to hire for each aspect of your social marketing campaign. Something to think about.

SEO is ever-changing. What you thought you knew yesterday is probably outdated today. If SEO isn’t your gig, you’re likely behind and need an expert to take control.

Metatags Don’t Increase Traffic

These tags aren’t even indexed by Google anymore. But this doesn’t mean you should toss them out the window because this text comes with your links and that can draw more people in.

Quality Links are Better Than Quantity Links

According to Google sources quality beats quantity any day of the week. Having a zillion super low-quality links to your site will get you nowhere fast. In fact, if you do this you may be penalised for having a spammy website.

Page Rank is Not the Only Important Thing

In Google it’s a 1-10-page rank authority. The bigger the number the higher the rank. Today the algorithm has changed and it’s now deeper. There are more indicators involved. Google is looking for REAL. If you have a doctor’s office in New Jersey, it’s better to have a link from a site that reviews doctors in the area, even if it has a lower rank, rather than a paid better rank that doesn’t make sense.

You Can Use Domains that Aren’t Keyword-Rich

In the past Google favoured domain names with the keywords in them. Thank God that’s not the case anymore. It’s the site and not the URL that really matter.

You don’t Need to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

If you have quality connection to anything that’s good news for your rank. Linking your site to authority websites means you don’t have to focus on search engines alone. You can use these connections to increase your traffic and conversions. This will ultimately boost your ranking on Google.

Use Ethical SEO strategies

There are always going to be cheater SEO guys trying to bugger things up tricking the search engines. But that’s short-lived because quality SEO wins every time at the finish line. Quality SEO in your elite social media marketing campaign is about creating an informative, relevant website that delivers useful information with a take-action delivery style.

Be Consistent

Undeniably the hardest part of anything is having to wait for results. Particularly when you are spending hard-earned money and when you are likely clueless or have little knowledge in the process of social media marketing packages and how they work.

Do a little research on your own first to become familiar with as much as you can on the various social media marketing firms or social media marketing agencies, and the specialty tactics of social marketing companies. Good companies will have social media marketing experts that have a solid social media marketing plan for your business to succeed.

If they don’t then just click on another social media marketing expert that has social media marketing campaigns that make you smile.

Finding the right team for your small business social media marketing plan or social media marketing Facebook is important. It’s essentially the platform to launch your successful business. Make sure you also check out their track record. If you’re looking to spend five grand a month on your social marketing plan, I just wouldn’t give the job to a social media marketing consultant fresh onto the scene. This sort of stuff takes experience and you’re best to go with the flow.