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How A Local SEO Expert Can Hack Google?

The algorithm on Google is always changing and evolving, which is a headache when you want to market your project and try to retain the highest possible page ranking at all times.

But first, we need to know how Google’s algorithm works. Google has never publicly spoken about its algorithm’s top ranking factors. There is only little we know about it, like: 

    • Page speed: If your website is slow to load page speed updates aren’t good for you. 
    • Content relevance: you should use some relevant keywords and create relevant content around those terms.
    • Site design: Your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
    • Link quality: You should only link to informative, relevant content. Irrelevant links may be affected.
    • Mobile-friendliness: Google uses the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexing
    • HTTPS status: HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, so having an SSL certificate can help your ranking.
    • User engagement: Google might affect websites with high bounce rates and few return visitors because the pages may be low quality. 


There’s no need to track every single tweak Google makes to its algorithm. However, it’s crucial you track core updates, so you can adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

With Google Alerts, you’ll receive a notification straight to your inbox whenever algorithm updates are mentioned online so you can start preparing for the changes as soon as possible.

How to Know which Google Algorithm Update hit your website?

  • First, check out Google Search Central. This platform contains multiple resources to help you diagnose common performance problems and identify possible algorithm penalties.
  • Search Console, a free analytics tool, has the resources you need.

Finally, How to succeed with Google’s algorithm?

  • Optimize for Mobile: You must optimize your website for mobile if you want to boost your rankings.
  • Audit your inbound links: You should always check your links if they are relevant and up to date. Good quality inbound links can improve your rankings.
  • Boost User Engagement: It is a very important factor to generate high volumes of traffic to your website. A high bounce rate and fewer return visitors are not good indicators.
  • Decrease Site Load Time: Nobody likes a slow website with poor loading times. The bounce rate on these websites is the highest. You can check your loading time using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, Google offers some tips for improving page speed. 
  • Create Informative Content: If someone lands on your page and stays there for a while, google knows that it is a helpful/ in-demand website.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Google will know you are doing this. Just use the keywords in a subtle manner and avoid falling on the bad side.
  • Don’t Over-optimize: As long as you steer clear of aggressive link-building practices and black hat tactics, you should be fine.
  • Improve Site Navigation:  You can do this by streamlining website menus and navigation, creating a site map, ensuring all your navigation links work.
  • Increase Page Security: Use HTTPS instead of HTTP as it is more secure and Google always will prefer secured websites.

Frequently asked questions about Google’s algorithm.

What kinds of issues does Google usually target with its algorithm updates?

Google wants to improve the user experience online, so algorithm updates are all about improving answering user intent.

What kinds of practices are typically affected by Google algorithm updates?

Google usually looks for things like low-quality backlinks, keyword stuffing, and poor-quality content.

Does Google announce when they’ve made an algorithm change?

Google usually announces major, sweeping algorithm changes, but it doesn’t notify anyone about the smaller, more frequent tweaks.

Google will keep on changing its algorithm on and on for various reasons. But you have to keep up with them and become an effective marketer. 

Finally, to avoid algorithm penalties, focus on crafting rich, valuable content for users, fix any broken links, replace low-quality backlinks with fresh ones, and implement an SSL certificate if you don’t have one.

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