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How Is Manufacturing Influenced By Social Commerce/Influencer Marketing & How Local Business SEO Can Help Your Business Grow.

There are effective ways to market your business and products through Social Commerce marketing as well as Influencer marketing. Business owners not only want the best possible marketing strategy for their business, but they also want the most effective one.

If you’re looking to get on the social commerce trend and setting up shop on Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat, you’re ready to get a head start with your business. Social media platforms continue to be the leader in product discovery for most brands.

As of late social commerce has been a favorite topic in the industry, and with the introduction of Facebook and Instagram shops, it’s even bigger. 

Social Commerce, What Is It?

Social commerce by definition refers to using social networks such as Facebook to facilitate eCommerce transactions. It can include the ability to directly checkout from within the platform. 

Most social commerce is currently providing support through organic means, with paid opportunities in the form of product-focused ads and paid social commerce in the near future.

Current Social Commerce Trends

Even though social commerce is still in the early stages, the numbers from existing customer products seem to be promising.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Commerce?

For both the brand and shoppers there are a few benefits for implementing social commerce. Using a social media platform for browsing products cuts down on the friction amount that usually comes with the shopping trip. 

Because these sites are much more mobile-friendly, could lead to possibly higher chances of conversion into sales. It helps with increasing efficiency in the customer journey to have all shopping actions in one place. 

With all the shopping being done within a social platform, businesses are able to keep track of each and every touchpoint, thus having a better attribution insight across the board. 

Another benefit to social commerce is that the first party targeting information housed within the social channels. This allows brands to focus on the already existing connections on these platforms because you know that many consumers already spend time there. 

Being able to somehow tap into these segments will allow brands to scale across these channels with their commerce efforts.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have earned their authority and trust in their respected niche, however, in order to find them, business owners and companies need the correct tools to help. As we talk about Influencer marketing in this next part, I would like you to imagine this scenario:

You want to buy a specific watch from an Italian Watchmaker, however, you’re not exactly sure which brand is best. You browse online, reading reviews, and look at a few shops. You’re bombarded with endless ads and lists with different brand features and benefits and and and.

Just as you’re about to make a decision, a friend calls and you tell him about the dilemma you have. 

“That’s very easy!” he says. “I bought an Italian watch sold by company  X three years ago, and it hasn’t failed me.” 

What do you do?

Of course, you ignore the feature lists of other brands and follow your friend’s advice, buying a watch like his from company X. 

Influence marketing works like this. It helps us take a step we’re afraid of with ease because someone we know and trust makes use of it.

Truth be told, Influencers aren’t always famous people with their own TV shows and all that. Influencers are content creators with a niche audience, and they have dedicated groups of followings that engage with their content.

How Is Manufacturing Impacted By This?

This is the big question, how will all this marketing impact my company’s manufacturing? In order for a company to manufacture products, those products need to be marketed to an audience creating visibility and awareness of your product/services.

Through engaging your audience you generate leads that convert into orders, converting into the manufacturing of your product, and in the end, convert into sales and potential profit for your business. 

A Little Bit About Local Business SEO And What We Do

Staying ahead of changes is crucial for any business as the SEO landscape constantly changes. These nine trends had the most impact on the marketing world thus far as found by Local Business SEO.

Content to focus on user needs and not on ranking boosts our users want. Video and image content, especially when it comes to searches, as more people search straight through YouTube or Google Images search rankings could particularly increase. Also, pay attention to the rise of zero-click searches.

With many years of experience, Local Business SEO helps companies build their online presence in order to reach top search engine rankings. Contact us today. We’re happy to help you get traffic to your site