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How To Find Your Target Audience As A Local SEO Specialist

The most essential step towards successful your company/business is defining your audience. You have to target the right people, otherwise, you’ll be wasting years of your career as well as tons of money.

Target Audience, What Is It?

A target audience is consumers that a company/ business is directly trying to reach through their marketing. The intention is to target a specific group of people that fits your ideal customer. 

In other words, you want to be targeting people that will actually want to buy the stuff you’re selling. If the people you’re targeting have no intention of buying from you, your traffic might increase on your site, but in the end, won’t do anything.

You’ll be stressing and pulling your hair out while you try to figure out why your visitors don’t buy your product/service. Many people confuse their target audience with their ‘persona’ which can potentially lead to a waste of money and time because the is a difference between the two.

What’s The Difference Between A Persona And A Target Audience?

We discussed the definition of a target audience, so we’ll get right to the point. A persona is a fictional ‘replica’ of your ideal customer. They are the profile of people who could be your customers.

They are profiles based on audience research that could help you direct your marketing efforts better. There are much detailed research needed to develop a persona because it has a lot of personal factors like:

  • Professional information
  • Personal characteristics
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Purchase power 
  • Social network connections

However, when it comes to your target audience is a little less specific, so the main difference between the two is a target audience is looked at as general whereas a persona is looked at in a specific way.

Finding Your Target Audience Matters, Why?

Once you’ve found out who your target audience is, conducting keyword research is much easier. When you research keywords correctly, you should not only be getting increased traffic but increased revenue, which is important.

How Is Your Target Audience Defined?

Ask questions! You won’t just know who your target audience is, that’s why you have to dig into the research a bit. You ask yourself these questions to find out what kind of person will react to your brand/product/service.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

When it comes to thinking about who might be your target audience, it’s best to think about people that relate to your product/services. For instance who is it that engages the most with the content you post, who comments, likes, and shares them? Those are likely to be your target.

If someone is willing to engage with you on Facebook, Instagram, etc the chances are good that they’re your target audience. Your audience is in many cases not inactive on social media and signs up for the services you provide or buy from you on a regular basis.

You should even consider the people who buy from you once as your target because some people who buy once will want to buy again. Put in the same effort into keeping your customers as you do into selling your product/service.

The post-sales process is very important as your customers like to feel special. Even after the purchase is completed you must keep a relationship with your customer. 

Where Does Your Target Audience Look For Information Online?

Information is something that everyone needs, it’s essential. Identify the most appropriate communication channels that your audience use. It could be a blog, LinkedIn, wherever they consume the most information.

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