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How to Grow Your B2C Reach Using eSports Marketing For Your Local SEO Agency

About 20 years ago eSports marketing wasn’t popular. Only a few were interested in it. Today, it’s a rapidly growing industry with a lot of potentials that businesses that are smart and understand their audience should leverage.

What Is eSports?

eSports is a highly competitive game where different teams play like in any other sport. It’s the estimated 1,790 million industry taking the millennials by storm.

Many pro gamers have a huge number of followers on gaming sites like Twitch. Tournaments also take place in eSports.

Previously, only a few brands like Red Bull and others connected with gaming could get into eSports marketing. But now, various brands like Coca-Cola are rushing in. 

Why eSports Marketing?

You may be thinking why would a B2C business choose eSports marketing over others? Well, because such marketing gives you access to a very committed and passionate audience. The individuals who follow eSports are highly dedicated.

Also, eSports marketing is a rarely taken route when it comes to advertising. This makes the cost fairly low, well at least for now. And, this is because many of the big-name brands are yet to enter the market.

6 B2C eSports Marketing Strategies to Try

Since you now understand the effect of eSports marketing, you need to know how to use it. Follow these steps for successful business ads:

1. Create In-Game Ads.

Although investing in-game ads isn’t a common strategy it’s very powerful. This method allows you to distinguish your business from competitors, get specific data about your target audience and help increase your brand’s awareness.

As opposed to the popular stereotypes of the age group of most gamers, the average gamer is actually a 34-year-old individual who has a home, job, and probably a family. 

Also, ads can be displayed on virtual billboards, sidelines in games like FIFA and Madden, or in real games.

2. Dynamic Ads

This strategy is very unique, it allows you to display ads to viewers only (without players). This allows you to reach targeted audiences easily.

For example, Madden and League of Legends are two sports with different audiences, and each has its own unique interest, so you need to understand both the games and audience to know if it’s a good fit for your business.

3. Partner With eSports Influencer

Gaming and influencer marketing is a dynamic duo because these gamers always relate with their audience while the game is streaming and they’re trusted and respected by viewers.

For example, Bang energy drink is a popular drink in the eSport world, using simple ads like a gamer drinking with the logo facing screen for an hour straight. Simple but effective.

4. Sponsor A Team

This means that you’re responsible for some of the team’s expenses in exchange for publicity. Gamers will have your logo on their uniforms and agree to consume your products while on camera. 

5. Create A Static Sports Ad

Similar to dynamic ads except that it doesn’t change throughout the game or require an internet connection. But ads have a high cost, take time to develop and results are hard to measure.

6. Advergaming

This involves creating a game for the purpose of promoting business but like when Burger King created “King” with Xbox, for you to be successful it has to be fun to play.

eSports Marketing FAQ

What's the target audience for eSports marketing?

Men between ages 18-34 and are mostly located in the Asian-Pacific countries. They make up 57 percent of eSports viewers.

How Much Do eSports Ads cost?

It’s affordable because you pay per 1,000 expressions. Price is determined by niche, game, and target audience.

What are the main types of eSport ads?

The main types are dynamic ads, static ads, and advergaming. For these ads, you interact with the creators and not eSport teams.

What brands should use eSports marketing?

Any brand can. Just make sure you use the one that fits your business goals.

eSport Marketing Conclusion

eSport is a growing industry among the young and old generation. And, to be successful in your business ads you need to employ the current marketing trend and eSports is leading.

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