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How to Survive the Impacts of Google Penguin Updates

Google Penguin updates have completely changed the way website owners used to apply various SEO techniques. Website owners need to change their strategies in accordance with the new Google guidelines if they want to stay competitive and rank higher among their competitors. Following are some important guidelines and tips on how to survive the impacts of Google Penguin updates. Google Penguin Updates: What You Need to Know

No Keyword Stuffing

If you want to avoid getting punished by Google Penguin, you need to give up using your old techniques of keyword stuffing. Create your content with your human readers in mind and add keywords by maintaining its human readability. If you over stuff them, Google is going to find out eventually, and you will be penalised.

High Quality Content

Google aims to provide its users with the most valuable and unique information on the web. If you want to rank higher and survive the negative of Penguin, you need to provide your users with high quality content. Along with the high-quality, your content must also be unique and original. Duplication or plagiarism is considered a serious sin. If you want to stay away from their wrath, you must keep your webpages completely unique and original. Make sure that your content provides unique and useful information on the given subject. Backlinks with high quality

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks should be reviewed in terms of their quality and not quantity. A web of low-quality backlinks will do more harm than good. On the other hand, even if you have a comparatively low number of backlinks, if they are of high-quality, you will be blessed by Google Penguin. Most of website owners acquire low-quality backlinks, and if you do the same, you will no longer be distinguishable from them.

Bounce Rate

Always try to keep your website’s bounce rate as low as possible. It seems quite difficult to determine a “considerably good” bounce rate for a website, but 70% is assumed as an encouraging one. A bounce rate is the rate at which your website’s visitor leave your website without reading any other post. If you manage to keep your website’s bounce rate under that ideal threshold, you may survive from the penalties of Google Penguin. These updates keep an eye over your website’s bounce rate, and if it proves to be too much, then you get penalised because of the assumption that your website does not contain useful information that can hook and engage a reader.

Encourage Return Visits

It is rewarding if you can encourage your readers to return to your website. This indicates that your website is full of useful information and content, and your readers decide to come back to it whenever they find themselves in need of any related information or knowledge. Encouraging return visits from your visitors can play a key role in surviving the impacts of Google Penguin Updates.