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Keyword domains or non-keyword domains

The most common question that arises in a website owner’s mind is choosing the right domain name. If you need some help in area, here are some suggestions worth considering.

You may wonder if you should use keywords in the domain name or opt for something more general. This is a choice you make on your own as both keyword domains and general domains have their individual benefits.

Better options for mini sites

Keyword domains are best used for mini sites where the name is the same as the keyword targeted in the site. Supposing you are targeting the keyword phrase “men’s dress watches”, you could try registering your website with the name “”. However in case the “.com” is not available, you could always try use “.net” or “.org” instead.

The benefit of having an exact matching keyword domain is that it not only gives your site an SEO boost, but it also ranks with fewer backlinks than other competing sites.

In case you don’t get the exact match for a keyword domain, you could try something close to the keyword phrase like “”. Though this name is still effective, it does not offer the same SEO boost as the exact keyword phrase would. While exact keyword domains are great for mini sites, they are not a necessity. Domains with and without keywords

The non-keyword domains

Buying domains that rank high but aren’t related to your niche market keywords will give staggering results. Being high page rank domains, they quickly get rankings in Google to generate sales for your business and website. This proves that it is possible to get a good page ranking even if the domain name is something generic with no connection to your keyword phrase.

It may not be easy looking for specific keyword domains because someone else might have bought the name already. When facing such a situation, you might wonder if you should buy the hyphenated version like “” to use as your domain name.

Though this does seem to be a great option to get a keyword domain, it doesn’t look that great and can give the impression that the site does not have that much authority. However, you can try this option because there are cases where sites with hyphenated keyword domains get a good page ranking.

What about using other extensions?

The main extensions of “.com”, “.net”, and “.org” generally perform the best on Google. Though it’s not worth the risk of using other extensions while looking for keyword domains, you can try this method anyway. What about registering domains with brand names?

What about using brand names in domains?

Another doubt you may have is whether or not you should buy domains that have brand names in them to use for affiliate marketing sites. This is not advisable as it is a breach of the trademark, and attempting to do so can only lead to penalties from Google, or worse trouble with the law.

This makes you wonder why there are so many domain names of this kind on Google. Though a risk, there are some sites that use these domains for their website. These site owners think that as long as the company whose brand name they use does not contact them with a “cease and desist notice”, they are safe to continue using the name for their website. This is a huge risk not worth taking; however, if you are willing to take the risk, it is a great option for getting keyword domains.

In short, if you are building a website as a long time asset, which will most probably get passed around through word of mouth advertising, it is better to get a short, easily spelt, and catchy domain name for your website. This is especially true for eCommerce stores as people can easily remember the name and tell their friends about the store. This will lead to increased conversions and popularity of your website.