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Getting an expensive SEO is the easiest method to Local traffic? WRONG!

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Local SEO Marketing Techniques That Only Cost Time Not Money

There’s one common situation many startup businesses face. They have to get their marketing done but don’t have the funds. Instead of focusing on marketing methods that are costly, startups should focus on marketing hacks that are cost-effective/low-budget. 

They don’t have to have a marketing budget that’s absolutely huge. Instead, they need time, savvy, and a focused and driven perspective that’s required by smart marketing.

Host A Webinar

With a free webinar, you can introduce your brand to a wider audience. The more the topic appeals to people, the better your chances of attracting interest. However, a webinar does require a bit of time for brainstorming your topics, getting the word out, and of course, planning. 


This is an explosive method when it comes to marketing and some companies use cross-promotion. It allows you to partner up with related businesses who can help in marketing your services, in exchange for marketing their services, almost like a 50/50 kind of partnership.

Be A Blog Commenter

The idea of marketing is to make your brand presence as well known as possible and there’s a great way of doing that which is commenting on people’s blogs How it works is:

  • Identify five blogs that are in your niche
  • Read the blog and comment on a regular basis
  • When people see your name and of course your brand and get used to them they might get curious about it. 

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO is a service that’s used by reporters to find their stories. If you have a story or you’re able to answer a query they have you can help a reporter out, and gain publicity through it. 

Get Out There And Network In Person

Every person you meet is a marketing possibility, which might sound strange, but it’s completely true. That’s why you must never neglect an opportunity to market in person. 

The people you meet in person or on a day-to-day basis might be people that you’ll never reach online.

Build A Referral Program

Another way to potentially boost your marketing is through something you can set up, turn on and of course grow. When creating an affiliate program it essentially turns your customers into an actual marketing department. 

You don’t spend any money on  marketing unless they first make a sale which is on your behalf 

Tweet In Your Niche

Twitter is one of the best ways to market. It has an instant reach and its output is massive. Twitter is able to produce referral traffic at high levels with plenty of brand exposure, and social buzz.

Upsell Your Existing Customers

It’s easy and low-cost to market back to your own customers. It also offers extraordinary benefits. 

Get Cozy With Niche Influencers

Providing them with a product or partnering with them on a project are simple and mutually helpful ways to grow your brand and ride their wave of influence. 

Claim Your Hashtag

A hashtag is one thing that people love to use on social media! It’s a searchable and very interactive extension of your brand that has the potential to spread virally, reaching a lot of people as it goes. 

Create A LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is much more than just an online resume. It can be used to publish content, connect with powerful people all around the world, and build up a marketing group with thousands of members.

LinkedIn has the potential to widen your marketing reach, and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to do just that. 

More About How You Can Use Our Local SEO Marketing

When using our local SEO marketing you can get the most out of your SEO abilities and attempts. This is where you don’t go wrong. Our local SEO marketing services are conducted by an expert who is a helpful guide in optimizing your website for better results and higher rankings. 

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