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Personal Branding With Local SEO Marketing: How To Go From Zero To Hero

Creating a personal brand can be a daunting, mythical task. And one of the easiest ways to get lost in the process is to not know where to start. Personal Branding is the best way to show your specialties and selling points. 

It’s no longer just A-list celebrities and talk show hosts that benefit from personal brands. 

As Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 

Why Is Personal Branding Important?

There was a time when only celebrities or big companies had personal brands. A time when famous singers, actors, and musicians got all the attention. Luckily, things have changed dramatically over the last two decades.

A business building a brand for itself and making a lot of money is a common practice today. Think of some of the best-known household names. 

Elon musk, Ellen, Oprah Winfrey

At the very least, you pay attention to their work because of who they are as figureheads. Having a professional and well-known brand can improve your chances of getting new business. The more customers know about you, the more likely they are to purchase from you. 

Types of Personal Branding

An article from the New York times recognized six main types of Personal Branding: 

  • Altruists: These solitaries are recognized for helping others and dedicating their time to charity. Dolly Parton and Bill gates are in this group. 
  • Careerists: These brands put procurement before all else. They’re known for information sharing and their industries.
  • Hipsters: These brands often combine self-sacrifice and professionalism but are more engrossed in sharing information than taking action. 
  • Boomerang: Boomerang brands share content to create controversy. This group can include your favorite meme accounts or news reporters.
  • Connectors: These individuals’ intimacy brings people together and delights themselves in building communities. This category encompasses your favorite influencers and Instagram stars. 
  • Selective: Selective brands only allowance information to specific audiences. They are inventive and haunt curating information for their audiences. 

Tips to improve your Personal Branding Using Social media

Whether you are in your first job after youth service or a brand new entrepreneur looking to establish credibility in the market, you can start today to build your own empire and sustain your personal brand. 

  • Keep your social accounts relevant and up-to-date. 
  • Post frequently and use social planning apps to help you. 
  • Create content that interests your viewers. 
  • Talk and share with your viewers whenever achievable. 
  • Find and join relevant online groups. 
  • Keep your brand voice, tone, and image consistent across channels. Import contacts from email lists and sales funnels. 
  • Keep your content practical. 

Remember To Find Your Niche

There’s a saying that most people miss when it comes to SEO traffic, that saying is that you can only harvest search demand, but not create it. In other words, people can’t be forced to search for a specific query/keyword.

The job of an SEO is to work on getting as much traffic as they can by forming words from ones that are already trending/popular. The same goes for personal branding, for example being the best producer of shampoo won’t do you any good if there isn’t already a niche/market for it.

The process of selecting your niche is very important, and you don’t want to waste time and resources into linking to a niche that doesn’t grow.

Examples Of Successful Personal Branding

Bill Nye: Beloved science guy Bill Nye is an ideal example for personal branding. 

Kim Garst: She is a marketer known for her social selling powers. She posts relevant, perennial content for her audience and always makes it known that she is here to assist.

Tony Robbins: He is a charismatic figure, famous for his self-help books and convention.

More About Local SEO Marketing

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