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Search Better With Redesigned MUM Algorithm

Google introduced a new way of searching with the redesign of the MUM algorithm. It introduces an intuitive way of Google searching and enables you to search and explore more topics and also surface more content. 

It was announced by Google that MUM will be integrated into searches on Google and the page is currently undergoing changes that introduce new ways of searching and allows its user to explore a bigger variety of topics.

The redesigned version of searching is an expansion of the old way of searching for answers. It also introduces a more intuitive way to search. In the months to come, Google will be guiding users to a redesigned search experience and guide them down topic paths that will be more visual.

Apparently, there’s already one of the new updates available in search.

The MUM Algorithm

Earlier this year Google introduced a whole new way of searching when it introduced the MUM algorithm. It can search across languages, with images and find answers to complex questions. The name MUM is short for Multitask Unified Model, and a big explanation isn’t really needed as the name says it all.

The most used feature of MUM since it was introduced is the fact that users can now search with images instead of plain text alone. It was also introduced that in the coming months MUM will be integrated into Google’s Lens app.

How Will MUM change The Way We Search?

The MUM algorithm will bring a dramatic change to the way we search, changing the whole meaning and idea we have of Google search. We as users currently search for answers, but this new way will allow users to search and explore tasks that are more complex.

It also introduces a whole different way of presenting answers, especially with image search. The goal for these changes is to make the way users search more intuitive.

Redesign Of Google Search

This redesign was characterized by Google and that’s exactly what it is, a complete redesign. This new search version takes ten steps away from the old design with the ten blue links.

Three Important Ways That MUM Is Changing Search

  • Search results that are visually browsable
  • A zoom on topic
  • Things to know

Things To Know About Google

In order to understand the ways users explore a topic, Google MUM incorporates the ‘Things to know’ feature. Google used the phrase ‘acrylic painting’ and noted that there are almost 350 topics associated with that phrase alone. 

The feature ‘Things to know’ identifies the most popular or relevant paths for users to take in order to explore that topic and also surface more content related to that certain topic.

Google Search Topic Exploration

The new feature that’s second is referred to as Topic Zoom and it allows you as a searcher to jump in and out of topics that are related. The topic can be broadened or you can zoom in for a more granular sub-topic.

Exploring Visuals

Feature number three of MUM seems to be available in Google search already. Visual Exploration is a new way that allows you to explore a topic in a visual way. However, this feature will unfortunately not show up for all searches.

When the user’s intent is to find inspiration, the feature will then not show up as it’s restricted. 

Google MUM Along With AI Are Changing Search, But How?

In order to help users discover more websites and web pages on the web, new designs and ways of searching are created. Instead of limiting users to only ten blue links, they can explore a wider variety of topics on many more websites.

For publishers, this is good news and when it comes to search optimization, Google won’t be changing anything on their end. So, how will you do SEO for this? The traditional way of doing SEO may have to be revisited, where using title tags and headings are used for driving traffic to your website/page. 

For many years this was the case, and one of the biggest tributes to SEO is creating a page with understandable content.