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What website owner must know if they want to reduce their SEO costs

During these tough times of covid, I have re-evaluated the importance of small businesses. They are the backbone of this country. Being a small business owner myself and working for both corperate medium to small businesses in the past at various agencies.

Hurricane season & we are visiting Flamingo Island

Can you imagine what we will be downloading in another twenty years? I mean who would have ever thought that you could record sound with digital quality fifty years ago? Now we minutes to ipods that hold thousands of songs in the space the size of a zippo lighter!

The rules of travel have altered so much in the last few years, with strict regulation regarding air travel, questionable car searches that may vary in regulation from state to state, and the feeling of never really being ultimately.

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Andrew Kelly


How long have I been working in SEO?

I have been in the digital industry since 2004. I have specialized/worked in SEO since 2010.

How many keywords have i ranked on Google?

Many, i have lost count. I am generally working on at least 10-20 clients at any one time. Some clients have upto 100 keywords.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO, is the technique in modifying the content and code on each of your pages. In particular the HTML source code, image optomization, meta details, Schema markup and keyword optomization.

What is a local SEO Audit?

A local SEO Audit identifies the competition of your industry and what is required in terms of a strategy to compete for those keywords.

What is a local SEO Audit?

Keywords research helps in industries where its hard to identify the keywords that people are searching for. For example if you have a special service offering that is brand new and people don’t know about it yet.