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Social Media Tips For Restaurant Marketing And Local Search Engine Optimization

You’re missing out on a whole lot if you own a restaurant and don’t use the benefits of social media. Think about it this way, you can be reaching thousands if not millions of people using restaurant marketing hashtags.

Some platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to upload appealing photos and add hashtags/location tags makes it perfect for restaurant marketing. Everyone likes looking at food while scrolling through their feed, who doesn’t?

Why Is It Crucial To Use Social Media For Restaurant Marketing?

It may sound like a lot of work to use a smart social media strategy, however, the effort and hard work will pay off. Below are a few good reasons why social media is so important for your restaurant marketing.

    • Brand Awareness: There are more than 3 billion people that use social media all around the world. You can reach the ever-growing audience on social media by uploading pictures of your dishes for all to see.
    • Engage with content: Social media has an interactive nature, therefore allowing you to engage by sharing user-generated content on multiple platforms. For example, you can upload pictures of customers eating at your restaurant or testimonials and stories of people who found your restaurant and tried it.
    • Address your customer concerns: When a customer is unhappy, they tend to turn to social media to vent. For you, as a business owner, this is the perfect opportunity to solve their problem by reaching out on social media.
    • Get feedback: Start a healthy conversation by using social media. Get feedback from customers and ask their input on things they would like to see on the menu, or be changed overall to improve quality service.
    • Increase your customer reach: By using location tagging you can reach new customers that are living in and around your restaurant’s location. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are good examples of social media apps with location tagging.

Creating Your Brand Voice

If the team managing your social media pages is large, maintaining a brand voice that’s consistent can be difficult. When you have a marketing team employing different people maintaining different social media pages each, you might end up having a ‘scattered’ style.

It can be confusing to your customer if you’re maintaining a serious note in posting on Facebook, but on Twitter, you’re posting funny tweets about your restaurant. It’s shown by research that staying consistent with your branding across all platforms can increase revenue.

How do you make sure your restaurant marketing has a consistent brand voice on social media?

  • Create a guide that’s available for all team members to use
  • When posting images, have them match the color scheme or something similar
  • Use a consistent tone of voice when writing captions
  • If and when you’re using humor, always ensure that it translates well across all platforms

Optimize Your Bio On All Your Social Media Platforms

This is very important! A potential customer engages with your content and possibly wants to know more, or make reservations, but on your social media, there’s no phone number, email, etc.  Everything is done right, but the customer can’t find contact details because you forgot to add them.

This happens all the time, which can be counterproductive because the initial goal is to drive traffic to your restaurant. Always keep the following checklist handy before hitting publish: 

  • Address/Location
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Direction from popular landmarks/maps
  • Restaurant information

The necessary needed to optimize your Facebook page, might be different from what’s needed to optimize Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Some Info On Local Search Engine Optimization

Following our expert advice on local search engine optimization, is one way to make sure you maximize your online visibility. If you’re a business that can’t decide whether or not to use the trends mentioned, our local search engine optimization is a sure-fire way to help you get in with the latest marketing trends and increase your online visibility. 

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