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Targeting UK traffic – Tips and advice to make it easier for you

Targeting UK traffic makes perfect sense when you find yourself in a competitive niche and are struggling to rank high enough on a global search. However, to start targeting UK traffic there are a couple of key things that must be done to give you the best possible opportunity of ranking on that all important first page. Taking advantage of the UK's Largest Market

Targeting UK traffic requires a domain name

When it comes to targeting UK traffic, it is advised to look at purchasing either “” or “” as your domain names. These domain names are inexpensive, but be aware that “” tends to be registered for a two year period with a number of domain registrars, so you get better value for money.

The reason why these domain name endings need to be purchased when targeting UK traffic is simple; they rank extremely well because Google loves to push the most relevant results higher than more generic “.com” or “.net” endings. If you go to and carry out a search, there will be more “.” domains on the first couple of pages; therefore, you get a higher ranking.

Buy a hosting account from a UK company

This second step may be surprising for some, but in reality, buying a hosting account with a company based in the United Kingdom will help target UK traffic. It will help when it comes to your SEO. Our internet online website marketing team knows a solid host is the platform for success in business.

There are several companies available. You will often find your website will load faster because it’s being kept on servers within the country and being accessed by people across the UK.

The importance of keywords when targeting UK traffic

As with any SEO, keywords are just as important when it comes to targeting UK traffic, but one big difference is there is less competition. It will be easier to get onto the first page, but as with websites elsewhere it is important to do research before going any further.

An in-depth look at keyword research for UK-based websites

To search for the correct keywords, you wish to use when targeting UK traffic, it is still best to use the Google keyword tool. It’s essential that the UK is highlighted in the search terms to discover how popular various words are within the country.

Checking out the competition when targeting UK traffic involves studying the sites currently ranking at the top. Doing this will help identify several niche areas that require less SEO than normal to get to the top three spots.

Targeting the UK traffic only requires some subtle changes in the way you approach your research, but always buy a domain name suitable for the country rather than trying to battle on with your “.com” or “.net”. Targeting UK traffic requires the same keyword research, but always remember to look at UK statistics.