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The Best Applicant Tracking Software And Affordable SEO Packages

ATS or Applicant Tracking Software can help you take some workload off your hiring team. A high-positioned job or a high-paying job receives a lot of resumes, out of which choosing the best fit becomes a task. Reaching a wider field of talent and capabilities without sacrificing time and quality, makes the hiring procedure much more convenient. 

The Overall Best Applicant Tracking Software


BambooHR is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It has one of the best tools in the space giving the hiring team a lesser workload. The automated processes to list the best job applicants across LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed and Twitter is convenient. 

Offer letters can be sent through BambooHR, while at the same time collaborating with your team for recruiting, sending automated alerts, etc is also possible. Although BambooHR is not a cheap option, its features are definitely worth it! The only major con is that the ATS does not come with the free version. 


Bullhorn is specifically made for staffing businesses and traders. It can be accessed through laptops, PC, mobile phones, or any device which has an internet browser. It helps you keep track of your job applicants throughout the hiring process.

It has over a hundred pre-integrated solutions to cater to your specific needs. With this software, you can manage both your clients and applicants. However, Bullhorn is for recruiting agencies and not for general hiring in companies.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is an all-inclusive ATS software that extends the hands of the hiring team to the most talented profiles with minimal effort. It is one of the most reliable software in the market.

It possesses all the features of the recruiting process be it comprehensive applicant management, onboarding portal, global talent sourcing, or candidate relationship management it all comes with the software.

Sap SuccessFactors analytical reporting and progress tracking features have made it one of the most insightful software for talent search.  


Workable is a value of money product. It’s the best option for small and medium-sized businesses to ease their recruiting needs. It is accessible both on PC and smartphones. You get a wide range of applicant tracking solutions with access to a wide range of high-profile/premium job portals.

AI-powered search can get companies to access job applicants across two hundred websites and fill their pipeline very easily. Its number of add-on features will make the software more functional. Your company can stay on top of both job postings and job recruiting with this software. 


JazzHR can be used for tracking job openings, candidates, resumes, customers, and contacts.

It gives one of the best job requisition, interview scheduling, and more are covered in this software which covers many other aspects of the hiring process. 

Its unlimited user feature makes it a perfect fit for staffing agencies and internal hiring. Its highly customizable ability makes it more appealing and the tailor-made process makes recruiting much easier.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Options For Applicant Tracking Software

  • ATS Software type 
  • Hiring frequency and volume
  • Feature list 
  • Budget

The right talent for your company is a very crucial aspect and while filtering out resumes you don’t want to miss the best. You need to ask yourself a few questions before you choose an ATS. 

  • How often will The company require new employees?
  • Will it fit my budget as the business scales up?
  • Are there enough features to cater to my needs? 

This software will help you select the best candidates for your job description in the field of thousands of job applicants across the globe.

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