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The Best Small Business SEO & Customer Relationship Management Software

Do you want more customers/clients to be happy with the services you provide? In order to help you with that goal, Customer Relationship Management software was created. In that case why aren’t there more small businesses making use of it?

This is because it has a reputation of being difficult to use, massive, and also very expensive. This was the absolute truth, however, it’s not anymore. There are multiple CRM software solutions that small businesses can start using as soon as they want.

They’re ready to help you to start connecting with your customers on your own terms. They’re also sleek and affordable.

Here Are A few Options To Help Your Business Go Next Level

The Best For Quick Scaling

If you’re a small business not sure if they need CRM software or not, HubSpot is the option fit for you. The freemium plan that they offer is off the hook, considering how much they give you. You get many features that would normally be paid for, like chatbots and sales pipelines.

You also get unlimited users on top of all that and it stays free forever, so in the end, there’s no need to worry about the number of contacts you’re making while you grow. You can upgrade to Individual Hubs whenever you’re ready. You then get advanced tools for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service, and you only pay for what you need.

Looking at how HubSpot can start making a difference from day one. It provides you with a full customer insight that’s up to date no matter where you are. The agents and reps can provide information with ease, whether it’s dealing with an unsure customer or crafting a proposal.

The reason HubSpot can do this is that everything is centered within a client record. Every ticket, email, and conversation is organized and captured. 

More features included in the free plan is:

  • Conversational and live chatbots
  • Ticketing
  • Integration of Outlook and Gmail
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Email notification and tracking
  • VoIP calling

Besides all this, there’s still more! 

It takes a little getting used to all the features you get, mainly because there are so many and then because HubSpot has its own way of doing things, called inbound marketing. If you consider how many businesses have expanded because of inbound marketing, it’s not a downside at all. 

You’ll be able to automate processes with the premium Hub, by workflow building for customer service, marketing, email, sales, and more. Another great option for small businesses is the Starter Growth Suite. It comes with many additional features for marketing, customer service, and sales.

The Solution For Marketing And Sales That’s Most Affordable

Less Annoying CRM is for small businesses that are not able to spend all their time and money on software but need a CRM solution. This is a high-performance too at a low cost for organizing and managing a company’s contacts in one place.

Users are instantly brought up to speed with their most important contacts when they log into their LACRM dashboard.  Their events for the day are managed by an agenda, a pipeline report, a prioritized task list, and an activity report.

Users can see their status as well as the status of those individuals they manage. No more conversations that are forgotten or ‘post it’ notes. Every task, appointment, and document can be linked to a company or contact. 

In front of every member is all the information that they need, so no more back and forth to find out the course of action. 

More Information On Small Business SEO

The landscape of SEO is continually evolving, therefore staying ahead of the changes is crucial for any business. Small Business SEO found these trends had the most impact on the marketing world until now. Users want services that focus on their needs, especially when it comes to searches, as more people search straight through YouTube or Google Images.

Small Business SEO has many years of experience in helping companies build their online presence and reach the top search engine rankings. Contact us now! We’re happy to answer your calls and get traffic to your site.