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Google Farmer Update

With the massive development in the SEO world, it is almost impossible to refute the great impact that Google search has made on business marketing. The release of a significant algorithmic update, also known as the Google Farmer Update, has grabbed many news headlines around the world. The search engine algorithm is meant to increase the quality of search results and has tremendously improved query results for many users. The Google Farmer Update has targeted many countries across the globe but now, it is only active in the US index.

The update is a big phenomenon to content farm sites though not all will benefit from it. The domain structure of this update is only meant to favour sites with high-quality content. These sites will be highly ranked and will offer more value to search engine users. However, those with poor or low-quality content will automatically be out of interest when it comes to Google rankings. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Google Farmer update. Updates to the Google Farmer Manual

The purpose of Google Farmer Update

By officially releasing this algorithm update, Google’s main aim was, and still is, to improve the use of the search engine and thus create reputable user satisfaction. Though Google did not mention any new changes it would like to see on web pages, the trend for many site owners is coming up with high quality content that will eliminate any chance of devaluing their sites. The aftermath of this move will see more users’ accessing high-quality content from the search results. Furthermore, Google is penalising the rankings of various sites that copy content from other sites and providing less value to the user.

As an SEO business operator, it is very important to know that Google implements all the algorithmic changes to your site based on the users’ opinions. The users define the likes of both high and low-quality sites and Google picks from there. Therefore, the Google Farmer Update has nothing personal against your site.

Provide quality content

The most important thing to do for any business management out there is to ensure that the content from their website is of high-quality and original. Good quality means using articles with at least 500+ words on your web page and probably the addition of a link to research papers and other quotations.

Well written articles, which should have outbound links to authority sites, are supposed to be put in the article shelf for Google to access them and select the best for the users. Adding YouTube videos in your articles can also be handy since Google owns YouTube and there is a possibility of being favoured for using them on your site.

  • Make your content sharable : After creating amazing content for your site, you need to share it. Google constantly monitors popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter; therefore, you should consider the use of social sites to make your content sharable and easy to interact with. This way, you will successfully build a natural link across the web and securing a high Google rank for your site.
Use the most effective SEO method.

Use the best SEO strategy

Focus on good and well-organised content as the principle of your plans. To make Google happy, you should get correct information on SEO to avoid penalties. This will require a sound knowledge of keyword selection and the use of other codes. You should also avoid using misinformed SEO tactics that try to anticipate the working principle of the Google Farmer update. Also, the use of ads on your website should be limited to avoid a situation that could mean little value to the users.

For better results from the Google Farmer update, monitor your progress regularly. These tips will not only help you make Google happy, but will also bring you more visitors to your website. The bottom line is to provide useful, high-quality information that will deliver legitimate search results for the users.