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Use Twitter Advanced Search to Drive More Leads Along With Affordable SEO Plans

Twitter is the perfect platform in the U.S for lead generation. It has 69.3 million active users (only in the U.S) is a gold mine. Unfortunately, neither gold mining is easy nor is finding leads on Twitter unless you know how to use Twitter’s advanced search queries.

Why should one take advantage of Twitter's advanced search?

You might have come across this feature and might have even used it if you avidly use Twitter. It’s on the right-hand side of your desktop screen or the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your mobile screen to search for basic things like hashtags and users. 

The advanced search function allows you to narrow down your searches to precisely the type of user you want, including location, interests, and more.

How to use Twitter’s advanced search feature to your benefit?

There are many reasons why one would use this feature. It completely depends on exactly what you want out of the search result.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Functions via the Search Bar:

You can only access this feature on Twitter’s desktop website or web app. It’s just the input of more information than a regular search bar.

Search Twitter by Sentiment:

You can filter results to see top tweets, latest tweets, people, photos, or videos. Sentiment search basically means to somehow convey your search sentiment into words or emoji’s. If you want to find someone who needs marketing for their product, you can simply type “any marketing agencies around?” 

Use Location Filters:

If you want leads specific to an area or locality you can simply type the location in your search to filter out Tweets for lead generation. You may add more specific information following your search like near:(city/country)’ and ‘within:(X mi) to get more accurate results. 

Track Twitter Mentions By Searching For Usernames:

The only thing you have to type in your search bar is “to:” or “from:” before a username. The “to:” search filters out tweets sent to that user and “from:” filters out tweets from the user. 

This is usually for lead generation that’s targeted towards a specific person or a potential customer base that wants to interact with you and wants your service. 

Save Your Twitter Advanced Searches:

To save a search, all you’ve got to do is click the three dots on the right-hand side of your search query. Then, select “+ Save search.” Twitter lets you save 25 searches, enough for one person to keep a tab on. 

Use Twitter Advanced Search To Exclude Irrelevant Results:

If you speculate that your search will bring results that you don’t want to see you can simply add a “-“ sign followed by the subject you don’t want in your search result. 

Create Hashtags And Search For Them:

To build your own filter to drive leads you need to use your hashtags correctly. Use a hashtag that’s trending so that your tweets meet the algorithm to present your tweets to potential leads. 

Or you can make your own hashtag that becomes associated with you. Use it on most of your Tweets so that your followers, retweeters do the marketing of your services/product/personality.

How to use the advanced search option on the Twitter desktop site:

  • Next to your search bar, you can see three dots. Click those dots, then choose “Advanced search.”
  • You can choose a language, tweets to and from accounts, tweets mentioning accounts on this page
  • This page also allows you to choose whether to include links, the amount of engagement you want a post to have, and the date ranges of the tweets you want to see.

How to Connect with Your Twitter Advanced Search Leads :

  • Respond to the User
  • Follow Your Leads
  • Include a Link to Your Website while responding or approaching.

Like you and me there are millions of users trying to find leads on Twitter. But if you use the advanced search option wisely you are bound to drive more leads than others. Be sure to connect with your leads and be subtle and smart with your interactions with them.

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