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Using Geo-Targeting To Increase Conversions In The WordPress SEO Market

Geo-targeting is a way for advertisers to specify the location they want their ads to show. Advertisers can choose different content for their ads based on geographic locations. This is often used when advertising to local prospects. 

What Is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting is a response that’s active to a user’s geographical location. Once it’s determined by a site or platform where a visitor’s location is based on their IP address, Wi-Fi, or GPS data, content focused on that location is delivered to show up for that audience. This location can be anything from a country, state, city, etc. 

Why Does Geo-Targeting Matter?

When testing different ideas and approaches can help in creating interesting insights when the location is taken into account often different conversion rates as well.

For instance, if your page should be viewed in Italy, will you have the language displayed in English or Italian? The same with currencies.

A Few Geo-Targeting Tests That Can Drive Conversations

  • Experiment with languages 
  • Match local currency 
  • Evaluate Serving local, relevant offers 
  • Match Paid Marketing Campaigns 
  • Evaluate Visual Elements 

How To Geo-Target Your Pages For Testing?

There are a few ways you can test your pages for location-based assumptions. Some are coding-heave, others aren’t and how you test can be affected by the platform itself as well. The following can have the desired effect if used correctly.


  • IP redirect 
  • Pay per click advertising 
  • Geo-Target Domains 
  • Geo-Target contents 

How To Monitor Geo-Target Conversion Tests?

Having initiated a geo-targeting experiment for conversion, you’re now faced with a problem: How can it be verified what works?

It’s an option to ask people who are located worldwide to browse the pages that you targeted and inform you of the results. Another option and far more convenient way are to use a “global geo proxy network” which allows you to browse the web from different locations globally. 

Some tools for this are:

  • See for yourself that it actually works. 
  • Run through the funnel and verify all the settings are correct. 
  • Personally inspect issues, such as performance, and latency, that may affect your conversion. If you should measure the speed of a page, you’ll find that distance is latency and latency is low conversion.
  • See what your competition does in other markets, find out the offers, deals, and interests for a specific location.
  • Make sure that your ads are displaying when being viewed from different locations if you’re using Google ads, etc. It might be a factor that drives or deteriorates your conversion.

How Can Your Conversions Be Increased By Geo-Targeting?

There are ways that geo-targeting can help to increase conversions: Translating your content into additional languages that are specific to the location you want to target with your content,  Matching the currency, serving local and relevant offers, adapting your marketing to the culture of the location you’re targeting, and use different designs and color patterns that depend on the location you want to target.

What Are The Geo-targeting Options When It Comes To Your Content?

There are options for geo-targeting content such as coding, web services such as Google Optimize or Unbounce, etc. You have to find the option that works best for you.

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