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Using Google Advanced Search & Image Tags In Affordable Local SEO Services

Are you being outranked on search by your competitors? Even though all the required competitor things are done like:

  • Brushing up on competitor price points
  • Identifying who your competitors are
  • Look over the products their offering

There’s one problem and that is the fact that you’re not finding the information that you actually need. Google Advanced Image search is the solution. It’s one of the best SEO tools that are lesser-known to use for competitor research.

Digital marketers take using this tool one step further where regular users only use it for searching images of a specific place or product. It can be used to analyze the marketing strategy of your competitors and improve your own strategy over time while you outrank them on Google.

But, before going into strategies and all that, let’s look at what Google Advanced Image Search is and how it works.

Google Advanced Image Search, What Is It?

This tool gives you the resulting control over the feature that’s Google Images. No more searching through all those thousands of images looking for the one you want. You can get more accurate and relative results by using advanced image search.

Digital marketers can use this tool to peep on their competitors.

If this piques your curiosity, read further to find out how this tool can be used to your advantage as a marketer.

How Google Advanced Image Search Is Used

It’s a very easy thing to use and this explanation breaks it down into how you can find the dashboard and use filters to refine your search.

Step 1: Log onto Google and click on the ‘images’ tab when doing a normal search

Step 2: Click on the Settings/gear icon on the right-hand side corner of the page

Step 3: Select the Advanced search option from the list that pops up

The dashboard will then load filter options for you to narrow down your search results.

Filter options can be used to narrow down your results in the ways that follow:

Using The Exact Phrase/Keyword

This is very similar to a normal text-based query using a keyword. You can use a complete phrase to search in the file name/alt text like ‘Red Cars’. 

Any One Of These Words

For a search that’s broader, you can use the word ‘Or’ between your phrase words for example ‘Red or Car or Bike’. 

None Of These Words

When you have a word that is not part of your search words, you can use the minus (-) to exclude it for example ‘Paris’.

The Size Of The Image

This refers to the image pixel size. You’re able to select Large, Medium, Small, Icon, or specify the exact size of the image you’re searching for. 

Aspect Ratio

This refers to the length and height of an image. It can help to refine your search and can be filtered by wide, tall, panoramic, or square.

The Color Of The Image

If you’re looking for an image that has a specific color, this will work. This feature narrows down your search results by whether the image is in full color, black and white, transparent, or a specific color such as green, red, blue, etc.

The File Type

It could be that you’re looking for something specific like a logo with a specific color background, however, it has to be in JPEG format. You can use this filter to only see results in the format you require. The options include some of these formats GIF, PNG, BMP, and RAW.


This feature allows you to pick a region/country from a dropdown menu, narrowing your results down to your specified region only. 

How To Use Google Advanced Image Search For Competitive Research

Whether your business has been around for a while, or you’re starting a new one it’s always crucial to know exactly who your competitors are. When you’re familiar with the competition that’s direct, only then your marketing strategy be altered to outwit/outsmart your competition.

Advanced search not only lets you see who your competitors are but you’re also able to take a look at their graphic marketing material.

About Affordable Local SEO And What We Do

It’s crucial for any business to stay ahead of the change due to the SEO landscape that’s constantly changing. These nine trends had the most impact on the marketing world thus far as found by Affordable Local SEO

Content that focuses on user needs and not ranking boosts is what our users want. Video and image content, specifically when it comes to searching. Search rankings could widely increase as more people search straight through YouTube or Google Images.

Image tags are a very useful factor in local SEO because the suburb keyword can be put within the image tags which helps optimizing it for a specific location.

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