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Utilizing Chatbots With PPC Ad Campaigns And Your Local SEO Company

Has it ever crossed your mind to use the AI magic along with your SEO and PPC ad campaign? It can boost your next digital marketing campaign when you combine these two strategies. 

When you think about a successful ad campaign, you must keep the end in mind. Once someone sees your ad, where do you want them to go afterward? Where can they show interest and learn more? Is it your intention to make sales or provide more information?

You must also consider what potential customers want to know about you, what you want them to learn, and how you provide them with the information they want and need. This is where chatbots come to good use.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are designed to answer customer questions. They are a type of artificial intelligence created to make tasks a little easier. They have the capability to answer basic/common questions, send people to pages, look up orders, etc.

Your bot can be programmed to escalate customers to real persons if it’s needed as well. Most people look for the chatbot on the lower right-hand side of a page/website. In most cases, the button says ‘chat now’, ‘support’. or ‘help’.

Chatbots can be set on Facebook messenger and other social media sites as well. They can become very interactive, depending on the platform or script. You can also check in with your bot to follow up on prospects if needed.

Their functionalities can vary widely, however they can be a powerful real-time player when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. 

How Chatbots Can Be Used During Your PPC Campaign

The flexibility chatbots bring to your campaign is the great part about them. It doesn’t matter what your business, goals for your campaign, or yourself as an individual are. When you can’t be present for each and every click-through, the chatbot can become your right hand.

Here are a few things they can do to free up time for you and your team to focus on the bigger picture:

Immediately Answer FAQ’s

There’s a good chance that you’ve clicked on at least one PPC ad because it was very intriguing. We’ve all seen them and a few are very interesting, you can’t help clicking through just to find out what the content was that you saw.

Did you have to do a little digging for the information promised in the ad, or was your curiosity satisfied immediately? This is where you can save your potential customers time by having a chatbot ready to answer some of their questions.

Your chatbot can appear as soon as a user clicks on your PPC ad asking them if there are any questions they would like to ask. If you work through a series of scripts, your chatbot would be able to help the user in finding the product or information they’re looking for.

If you’re a first-time user the chatbot simply tells you to ask it a question. If you’ve been on the site before and you clicked that ad, it knows why you’re there and potentially serves you information on your previous query or related information.

Forging A Connection With A User

People often like to connect with a person behind a brand, however, a chatbot is actually a bot and not a real person. Something fascinating happens even when you tell your user they’re talking to a bot, which is: Our brains are led to believe that we’re actually talking to another human being when interacting with the bot. This is according to psychology a fact.

People tend to feel a real personal connection with them, due to them always being there ready to help with questions, etc. So, do make sure to program the voice of your bot to fit your brand story!

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