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Where To Focus When It Comes To SEO For Large Companies

There’s a big set of challenges when it comes to SEO strategies for large companies. In this article, we will be discussing where to focus when you’re developing your SEO strategy for a large company.

What’s the main factor to be concentrating on and how do you approach SEO for enterprises/large companies?

In a large company, you work with multiple departments, directives, and goals, so it automatically has its own challenges. Getting something done can sometimes feel like a miracle.

When working with a large company there are many things to consider. In terms of SEO for large corporations, what is the best strategy?

A Few Tips On Developing an SEO Strategy When You’re Working With Large Companies

1. Which Is Easier, Tech Or Content?

In some cases, many companies have a list for technical assistance, a long list! It’s challenging to keep your tech buttoned up when it comes to your large company, but you should start by focusing on where you’d have the most and biggest impact.

You may have a simple CMS like WordPress where making technical changes are easy, but your approval process for new content is long or vice versa. Start with what’s the easiest for you and will have show results.

2. Proof Of Concept Can Be Demonstrated

If your company isn’t completely sold on SEO you may need to present proof of concept, along with focusing on where you can make the most impact.

You should also keep long and short-term impacts and keep records of when and what was changed. It’s can be a good idea to use the annotation feature in Google Analytics, it can help you keep track of your changes. Reporting is critical.

Isolate your achievements, you could be reporting great traffic and start making changes according to this progress just to have the team from another division argue that it’s due to an intervention they were running at the same time.

3. Make Use Of Long And Short Term Lists

Asana is the right fit for doing this. If you have tasks you want to be completed, you can create an individual ticket for each one. It’s an easier way to prioritize them into which should be done now, and which can wait until later. This is also called the ‘backlog’.

It’s easier and you can transfer these tickets to the department within the company where they should be. Be it technical or development.

There’s an added benefit to this, which is whenever you need to bring a new member up to speed with a project, a management tool like Asana makes it easier to do just that, instead of losing time while training a new employee. Lists, Both Long and Short Term, Are Beneficial.

4. Reporting

Never be afraid to report how well it’s going with your SEO as it’s looked at in companies as a cost center along with all the marketing that’s being done. Not investing in SEO is a complete opportunity cost, it can also be a great driver of sales.

By talking about how good it is, and communicating you’re not only telling about the good results your work is getting, but also keeping your job off the chopping block if it comes to cutting down in the future.

5. Make SEO A ‘Thing’ In Your Company

It’s always good if everyone thinks about SEO and starts to learn the fundamentals of it. Teach your employees/colleagues how to correctly describe a product or service by using the customer’s language.

If you start doing this, you’ll never be at a loss for content ideas.

To Quickly Summarize What We Learned Today:

  • Focus on where you can make the biggest impact in your company
  • Apply your fixes accordingly and also in stages
  • Report your success by communicating with your employees/colleagues
  • Educate the people around you about the absolute value of SEO