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Which Dedicated Hosting Platform Should I Choose Alongside My Local Business SEO?

If you are serious about growing your business, your business website should grow with you. Dedicated hosting platforms give you a lot of power and control. Every bit of bandwidth, storage, and RAM on that server is yours and yours alone.

Shared hosting is good for getting off the ground, but you can’t run a high-traffic site, massive databases, or develop apps. At a certain point, you exhaust the limits of other forms of hosting and recognize that your own server is going to be worth the price.

So which hosting platform should you choose?

Bluehost (Comprehensive Dedicated Hosting Features)

It is the best-dedicated hosting service out there. Its cheap price and feature-packed service it gives is the perfect combo one looks for. 

It has all of the basic dedicated hosting features, plus several more advanced ones, giving you room to grow. With access control and database management, you have everything you need at your fingertips and 24/7 access to customer support if you have a problem. Its entry-level “Standard” subscription starts from $79.99 per month. 

HostGator Customer Support with Dedicated Hosting

HostGator has 99.99 percent uptime and is vividly known for its superb customer service. Its unmetered bandwidth makes it a good option for business websites. 

HostGator has two servers, they’re both in the US. Despite the host’s superior performance, it’s not a great choice for businesses with primarily international customers. Its entry-level subscription goes for $89.98 per month. 

Dreamhost (Dedicated Hosting Storage)

It doesn’t have the same features or performance as many other dedicated hosting providers on this list, but it does offer a lot of storage. With a fully managed server, 24/7 tech support, and 100% uptime guaranteed, the basics are definitely covered.

Dreamhost might be cheap considering its high storage capacity, but it comes with HDD storage which is much slower than SSD storage. So for a cheap price you have to compromise on performance. Its entry-level plan starts at $169 per month which comes with four cores with eight threads and 4GB RAM.

InMotion ( For Technical Websites)

It’s primarily for businesses with high technological needs. It’s an extremely high-performance platform that comes with features like 99.99% uptime, Tier 1 network,  and free SSD. 

Just like HostGator, InMotion has one of the best customer services in the space. You can contact them 24/7. InMotion offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and customized solutions for your website. Considering its features, it’s an affordable dedicated hosting service.

A2 Hosting ( For best Website Performance)

 It is known for keeping its clients’ websites running extremely smooth and fast. With a commitment to 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer service, it has the tools to keep customers on your site. Its entry-level subscription starts from $141.09 per month. 

Liquid web (Customizable Dedicated Hosting)

It has one of the most customizable servers out there. It is a bit expensive, but all the money is worth it.  You need to explore Liquid web before you make any judgments

It is secured with SeverSecure advanced security, and also Worldwide Cloudflare CDN with business-grade storage. It also has a support team to manage its servers, and they offer 24/7/365 customer service. Its entry-level subscription starts from $199 per month. 

TMD hosting (For Quick Startup)

It might not be as big or fancy as other dedicated hosting services, but it does give you a quality site fast. 

It has its focus on speed and power. If you are a new startup company this is the best choice for you as it’s cheap, fast, and secure. Its entry-level subscription starts at $159.95 per month. 

What should one look for before choosing a dedicated hosting platform?

Knowing the features a platform offers and at what price is the combo of information one should look for. You want your website to be functioning at its best at all times. You should primarily look for : 

  • If your server is managed or unmanaged by the host 
  • Scalability, one should see if he/she/ they can scale their business with time with the chosen host
  • Security
  • Find a provider that keeps up availability and guarantees maximum uptime.
  • Operating System and Hardware

A website will turn out to be good if it has a good host. Choose one that gives you everything you need, whether that’s speed, customization, or support when you need it.

Look at dedicated hosting as an investment that will grow with time and the ROI will be the smooth running of your website. Keep this in your mind and you will make the best choice for yourself.

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