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Which is the best Call Recording Software (CRS) For Your Local SEO Business?

An individual could record calls for various reasons but a business mostly requires call recording for quality assurance, employee training, compliance, record-keeping, dispute resolution, and more, there are a lot of reasons why organizations can benefit from recording calls. It can be useful for both individuals and businesses.

Use this list of software we chose to know the perfect software for you.

Nextiva (Massive Organisations)

Nextiva is the best option for people working in a large company. People need call recording for different reasons in a large organization. It’s the perfect choice for a task like this, which requires call recording and storing at a mass level.

It solves the problem of call recording at scale. Everything is easy to find when you need it. If a customer calls to complain about a conversation, all of their recordings are tied to their account. No more searching. You get a free demo to try out their services before you start a paid subscription plan. 

Ooma Office pro ( Best Price for the Total Package)

No other software can beat Ooma Office pro when it comes to voice and video with all the features and call recording at the same time. It is an all-in-one package at a convenient price. 

You also get other value-adding features like a virtual receptionist, virtual extensions,  multi-device ring, and ring groups, SMS messaging, a desktop calling app, call logs, and call parking. Ooma offers just one flat price, $24.95/user per month.

RingCentral (Archiving and Storage for Recordings)

Full suite of communication tools, plus features like call whispering and barge, hot desking, real-time call analytics, and more. RingCentral allows storage of 100,000 call recordings per account, kept for up to 90 days.

You can easily connect the Archiver to Dropbox, Smarsh, or Google Drive, allowing you to easily sync. 

Rev Call recorder (Call Recording App For iPhones)

The Rev Call Recorder is a professional call recording app that captures your calls and allows you to transcribe important conversations. It’s perfect for recording phone interviews, sharing call recordings, and reviewing conversations.

Use Rev’s Free Call Recorder App for:

  • Free call recording
  • Fast human transcription of calls for $1.25/min.
  • Keeping a log of important phone calls
  • Reviewing calls
  • Sharing recorded calls with others

Aircall (Best Call Center Solution)

It’s a complete cloud-based call center solution made for business teams. It’s also easy to set up Aircall. You don’t need any sort of hardware, it’s a completely virtual service.

This software is designed for businesses that need a completely new phone system. It can automatically record inbound and outbound calls with on-demand playbacks. Pricing starts at $30 per month per user.

Talkdesk (Voice and Screen Recording)

One of the main reasons it’s called the best for voice and screen recording is because it’s a modern cloud contact center solution, its built-in call recording capabilities are commendable.

By synchronizing the playback of voice and screen recordings, you’ll have more context for evaluating customer interactions with your support team. It also has a custom storage option and you can store your recordings for as long as you want. Pricing is based on the number of agents on your team.

Cube ACR (Best Call Recorder For Android)

Cube ACR call recorder enables you to capture cellular phone calls, record WhatsApp calls and conversations in other VoIP apps and messengers, like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Line, WeChat, and many more.

Other features of Cube ACR include cloud backups, silent mode, geotagging to see where calls take place on a map view, pin lock your data and you can also automatically remove old recordings to free up storage. It is a free app available on the Google play store. 

What features to look for before choosing a CRS?

  • Why are you seeking a call recording solution?
  • Do you want every inbound and outbound call to be recorded automatically? Or would you prefer to control if and when a recording starts and stops?
  • Live Monitoring and Call Evaluation
  • Security and Compliance
  • Storage

Just like their needs, call recording software comes in all shapes and sizes. It completely depends on you demands from the CRS. Simple call recordings can be done from a smartphone app.

More advanced call recording software will come with features for screen recordings, call monitoring, and customer insights. Choose an all-in-one business phone system to get features that go above and beyond just call recording.

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