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Why Does Google Maps Marketing Matter For Local SEO?

In this article, we’ll be looking into Google Maps marketing. What it is as well as why it’s important for local SEO and how it can be done the right way by businesses.

It’s important to ensure your business is there showing up in Google Maps, this is paramount for the long term. Potential customers are very often doubtful by seeing a business with little to no online presence.

One of the fastest and also easiest ways to get your business online is through Google Maps, this is fortunate. There’s now an opportunity for business owners to market and advertise their products/services to anyone who owns a mobile phone.

Google Maps Marketing, What Is It?

Google Maps marketing refers to optimizing the presence of your business on Google Maps. They have a simple goal – You have an opportunity to increase your business by reaching higher rankings in search.

The better your profile optimization is, the better chances you have of being found in your area in a Google Map search.

What Makes Google Maps Marketing Important?

What Makes Google Maps Marketing Important?
An estimate of 3.5 billion searches is handled by Google per day whereas almost 88% of them are done via mobile search. With Google search, almost 76% of users searching for a product or service online visits the store they Googled and the conversion from searches to sales is almost direct.

By making use of Google Maps marketing, you can possibly impact the way Google looks at your business. Also if and how it’s appearing in searches known as the local 3- pack. In most Google searches, the Google Maps appear at the very top of the page results.

Google Maps is able to direct a whole lot of potential customers towards your business. However, the chances of your business being found without ranking in the 3- pack is extremely lower. 

Therefore to Local SEO work, Google Maps marketing is one of the most important facets. 

How To Optimize And Set Up Your Google My Business Listing

It’s completely free to create a Google My Business listing, due to the fact that it technically isn’t advertising at all. It’s simply you letting Google know about the existence of your business.

The main goal is to have your business rankings higher than your competitors.

In order to set up your Google My Business Listing you’ll need to do:

  • After signing into Google, you’ll have to type in and go onto the website
  • You then locate the option to create a listing for your business. If other factors have created an impromptu assumption for your business, make sure to claim and change it.
  • To the best of your ability, fill out all of the information required.
  • Select the category to add a contact, make sure you choose the correct one.
  • Verify your account via Google or mobile with your email
  • Add your photos, make sure they provide quality
  • Continue to double-check all your information, making sure everything is correct.

How To Improve Your Rankings In Google

There are a few factors that go into consideration when Google Maps decides on ranking results. The most obvious thing is the distance from the user that conducts the search and of course, the business/service category that’s relevant to their search.

More importantly, how complete your Google My Business (GMB) listing is. Between your competitors and you, this is the thing that could very well be the tiebreaker that determines who appears in the search results. 

And then, another thing that can be a factor in deciding is, of course, your reviews. Positive reviews can also tip the balance in your favor.


How To Get Good Reviews

There are companies that have a developed system around encourage positive reviews. Some businesses ask their customers directly, others put in a request when the customer checks out.

A method that’s found to be effective is to leave a request for a review, it could be attached to a memento that says ‘Thank You’. A simple thing like a complimentary keychain can go a long way.

Consider it at good business to provide your customers with a link to leave a review on Google!