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Why SEO is Important When It Comes To Law Firms

Law firms can start generating more traffic to their websites by understanding that SEO matters when it comes to their firms and the reason why. 

In 2017 there was a study conducted that found that when it comes to SEO the legal niche is the most competitive. The study also showed that after analyzing SERPs over a wide range of industries, law firms have the most barriers between their traffic and them.

When it comes to generating traffic for their websites it would indicate that they don’t make use of an effective SEO strategy. This is not only a necessity but local SEO is very important for law firms and attorneys.

Law firm SEO takes an approach that’s tailored for generating traffic and also takes into consideration the struggles attorneys and law firms face when it comes to attracting new customers. 

So, in this article, we talk about why it is that SEO matters and why it’s so important for law firms, also how they can generate more traffic and clients to their websites possibly resulting in visits to the office.

One Of The Best Lead Generation Strategies For Law Firms Is SEO

Localized businesses need SEO in order to target people in their area. By localized we mean, businesses that acquire their customers or clients within a specific location. 

Most law firms need local SEO services in order to say in competition with other firms in their area since they mostly serve clients that are in their county, city, or state.

Law firms can reduce the competition amount through local SEO compared to targeting customers nationally, by targeting a specific location only. 

The chances are better to rank for a term like ‘top injury lawyer in New York’ than ‘top injury lawyers’. 

Law firms can get the attention of potential customers by using localized keywords who are:

  • Possibly looking for the services offered by them
  • Who are staying/working in their area

This makes local SEO for law firms and attorneys one of the best strategies for customer acquisition. 


How SEO Operates

When a user is on the search for legal services, they usually use a search engine which is in most cases Google or Bing to find an attorney/law firm in their location. They then use keywords to search for the services they need or answers to questions they have.

By optimizing their websites with these keywords, it’s easier for law firms to reach users, helping search engines rank in search results. 

The user is more likely to click their website, the higher it ranks, finding out more about the services they provide.

How SEO Can Benefit Law Firms

The work of SEO is to get more traffic towards your website and potentially turning them into qualified leads, and not only about increasing rankings in search results.

SEO benefits for attorneys/law firms include: 

  • Improving website clicks and outranking the competition
  • Using Google My Business to increase phone calls
  • Using high-quality localized content to generate new traffic
  • Improving online reputation through collecting positive customer reviews
  • Turning new and existing traffic into leads

SEO is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads and traffic to your law firm. This is not because of their highly targeted nature, but because local SEO experts work to drive traffic and also improve conversions.

Outrank Local Competitors

If you’re not in the top 3 rankings, clicks to your website decrease drastically. In the search rankings, there are only so many spots, this is where local SEO services come in to optimize your website for your keywords, increasing it to outrank your competition.

In order to drive leads and traffic to your site, you don’t need to be nr.1 in the rankings, but your page should be on page 1 and have a presence visible in local search.

When you invest in a strategic SEO and content strategy, it helps more potential customers to find you and also choosing your law firm instead of your competitor’s.