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Contact Us: (03) 9005 5882

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As a finalist in the Australian Design Award and in various publications my SEO consultancy company has provided competitive prices with measured results. I personally work one on one with my clients to optimise results giving key ingredients to help get your website to the top of Google. My brand experience includes Monash university, Silvertop Taxi, Mercedes Benz and True Value Solar which I was the digital marketing manager. I am accessible, reliable and genuinely care for your business, if your business needs a kickstart with some nice graphic design, web design or SEO, get in touch today.

Unique Logo Designs are Better

Locating good logo designers can be a daunting task. If you’ve never dealt with design before, then you’ll need as much input as you can from our company to assist you in your quest. Like anything creative, you may have some idea of what you want- or just no idea whatsoever! Either way is fine by us- we can make dreams a reality. With years of experience behind us and keeping up to date with award winning designs, we have thousands of ideas for you.

Obviously, most people who need logo designers may have just registered a new business or want to “freshen up” their existing look. There are several things to consider including whether you want your business name incorporated into the logo or for the logo to stand by itself. To get some good ideas, look at things that you use every day and are recognisable worldwide.

For example, have a look at brands that are iconic. You recognise these logos anywhere you see them. You can travel the world, and these are instantly recognisable to billions of people. They know what works as they have the top consultants in the world creating images that enter your mind even if it is subconsciously. Professional Logo Creators for Unusual Results

Consider a few huge corporations. The Apple logo is instantly recognisable as a logo on its own. Depending on your age, you may recall when Apple first burst onto the scene, their logo was ordinary. It is the same apple they use now but coloured with horizontal stripes of the rainbow. They have since changed it to a more modern, sharp image that really is a great improvement. This is an example of a company “freshening up” their logo and moving with the times.

Coca Cola still use the same logo text as they started with. Why? Because from the outset, Coca Cola was a phenomenal success story. Logo designers are not going to touch it as it has stood Coca Cola in good stead for years. It is also an iconic worldwide logo that every person on the planet recognises instantly.

The list goes on - Nike, Ford, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Lacoste, Shell, BP, Caltex, McDonald’s, Woolworths - to name only a few. These names have become part of our society as they produce products and services that everyone uses every day. Woolworths is another example of a company in Australia that recently “freshened up” their image with a whole new logo and presentation. If you have children, you know that they recognise the “golden arches” of McDonald’s before they can even talk. That’s market penetration for you in a big way.

The reason for mentioning these large companies is that a lot can be learned from them. Study the look of their logos, why they work, and how they work. These are companies that have enormous marketing budgets and know that they must keep up to stay competitive. Now, we are not telling you that for us to create a logo is going to cost you a fortune! What we are simply conveying to you is that we stay up to date as logo designers with what happens in the market place. This has given us an excellent reputation as a company worth dealing with. Obviously, we can’t copy logos or even have ones that are close to major entities. They fiercely guard their copyrights and enforce the law when necessary.

For us to successfully create what you want, it is well worth your while to have a close look at award winning logo designs. Created by world renowned logo designers, these give you an idea of what colours look great, what effects stand out and just how much can be achieved. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you and can begin to create your unique image. With the programs that we use these days it is very simple to present several options to you as artwork to give you a choice. Better to Have a Custom Logo Designed

When selecting a logo, consider where you are using it. Light colours won’t stand out very well on light coloured paper or signage. Dark logos won’t stand out very well on glass doors or shopfronts. There are ways around this such as creating a discreet contrasting effect that follows the exact lines of the logo or utilizing a vinyl “frosting” effect on glass to highlight your text and logo. The same applies to sign written vehicles. How many do you see with illegible text or logos getting around? Next time you’re driving- have a close look. Then consider why DHL, Linfox, Coca Cola, TOLL, and UPS all stand out from kilometres away.

For us, this is where we can assist you. We spend the time to talk to you, discuss ideas, study photographs and create images. From this, we can present complete artwork packages for you. We can come up with the ideas for you, or work from what you have in mind. Our experience as logo designers has shown us that even those that claim they have “no idea” do have a fair concept of what they want! There is no need to be daunted- let your creative side team up with us and we will not only meet but exceed every expectation. You can rest assured that with us, you are in very capable hands.